Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blood + Episode 11

Episode title: After the Dance (Dansu no ato de)

There will be a dance at the school and Saya's roommate Min lends her a ballgown. The members of Red Shield also come to the ball and later everyone battles the Phantom.

Some details: The young dandy is Solomon, the younger brother of Van Argeno, the dude helping the American military. Saya seems able to summon her warrior form, but it's not complete, as the Phantom laments. He wants her to waken completely, thus breaks off the fight (Saya, Haji, and David combined were no match for the Phantom). In the end, the members of Red Shield, including Saya, chase after a truck taking away a shipment of the tainted wine. Akihiro's investigations has also led him to the school and though his extension lens got damaged, he managed to take several photos of Saya's battle.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Anna Mary thinks she'll be the belle of the ball

Saya's most interested in the food...

David and Julia drop by...

A pretty boy with the Phantom's trademark blue rose shows up, and Anna Mary thinks he's coming to ask her to dance...

But it's Saya he wants

The Phantom is more than Saya can handle

The Phantom's in control of the situation

Watching the Phantom make his getaway

Min waits forlornly for Saya's return

Min sees Saya, bloodied and her party dress ripped and torn; Saya is dismayed that she is seen by her friend like this and is saddened that she can't say a proper goodbye.


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