Saturday, November 26, 2005

Blood + Episode 8

Episode title: "Phantom of the School"

Saya gets enrolled in the French school in Vietnam (the one connected with the tainted wine that was sent to the yokushuu infested military post in Yambara, Okinawa). Meanwhile, Kai and Riku find themselves abandoned in a hotel room at a Vietnamese port, but are left with 2 business-class tickets back to Okinawa, passports, and a credit card. However, instead of using the tickets to return home, they try to find the members of Red Shield and then decide to look for Saya. Haji works undercover as the garderner's assistant, and the girls have discovered him... let the blushfest begin.

At the school, Saya gets befriended by her talkative roommate Min who tells her about a legend (a story akin to 'Beauty and the Beast') and the Phantom related to that legend... it seems the Phantom goes after dark haired beauties and leaves a trademark blue rose. Saya's investigations lead to bell tower where she sees the "Phantom" with her own eyes.

At the bellfry, the Phantom sneaks up on her, she almost falls, but fights off the Phantom's attack using the dagger given to her by Haji earlier. Haji also arrives on the scene and he and the Phantom have a brief skirmish (the Phantom evades Haji's attack easily) and the Phantom escapes.

Thoughts: it's amazing how Saya, Kai, and Riku can communicate so well in Vietnam... just what languages do they speak there? Also, the "Phantom" yokushuu seems pretty strong even without transforming into a brainless monstrous form. Is he a special yokushuu?


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