Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 11

Episode title: Yuuji and Shana, and a Kiss
Yuuji and Shana renew their practices, and after practice they see romantic drama and Shana finds the importance of a kiss to be a fascinating subject. At school, Shana and Kazumi hear about kisses while taking a shower after gym class; each blush with their own thoughts. Shana does further research at the library. At Yuuji's home, she receives sage information about kisses from Chigusa, Yuuji's mom. Shana has a better understanding and decides she'll never kiss Yuuji.

Meanwhile, the brother and sister tomogara are going around eating and searching for something special. And Marjorie is still in the dumps but she's tired of booze and thinks of diving into something else.
During practice at night again, Shana and Yuuji have an embarassing moment as they become self-conscious about holding hands. At that point, Alastor asks for a favor. The favor is that he wishes to talk to Yuuji's mom. They arrange for Chigusa to talk to Alastor via phone (he's supposed to be her guardian). He wants her to stop teaching her about things like kisses and other romantic things, but in the end, her reasonings win out.
At school, Kazumi presents Yuuji a homemade lunch as he's always only eating onigiri (rice balls)... he's delighted and says out loud what he should eat first, and Shana shoves a melon bread in front of him.

On the streets, Marjorie Doe and her helpers look like they've just finished some power shopping. But the tomogara brother and sister Sorato, Tirieru, and their guide, Shudonai are in their path. Shudonai and Marjorie greet each other. Tirieru asks if he knows her and he introduces her as the Flamehaze killer of many tomogara. However, Sorato says they have no interest in her and they walk off. Tanaka and Sato ask Marjorie if it's okay to just let them go like that, and Marcosius replies that she was the one that was let off. She tells him to shut up, but her face is full of bitterness.

In the end, Sorato wonders where their prey, Nietono no Shana is...

New eyecatch
As a bonus, there was a commercial promoting the next volume of "Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo," and we got a flash of seiyuu Kikuko Inoue in costume.


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