Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 10

Episode Title: 絡まる思い: Karamaru Omoi (Lost in thoughts (maybe...))

The show starts with Yuuji's thoughts that Shana is really strong, which leads to tensions later in the episode. During fighting practice, Shana calls him a weakling and later, both think of Yuuji as being pathetic. Shana wants Yuuji to practice again after school. However, at school, a school official asks the library assistants (Kazumi and Ogata-chan) to move books after school; however, Ogata was supposed to visit her sick grandma at the hospital, so Hayato makes the suggestion that Yuuji help Kazumi instead. Yuuji agrees and Shana says he can't and leaves. Yuuji then remembers that they were supposed to practice after school and he goes after Shana to apologize. She doesn't want him to help Kazumi (but she really doesn't know the reason why) and only says that it's for his sake that they should practice because he's so weak. He says he knows that he's weak as he walks away from her.

Shana is angry as she's waiting at Yuuji's home. Yuuji's perceptive mom invites her in, gives her pudding, has her eat dinner and take a bath. At school, Yuuji and Kazumi are moving the books and Kazumi overhears some student's talk about how awesome Shana is. After they finish and they walk home, Kazumi asks how Yuuji feels about Shana... and adds it's because everyone talks about how great she is. Yuuji agrees that she's just too awesome. Kazumi berates herself for being a coward.

When Yuuji gets home, his mom presents Shana in one of her old dresses. She tells him to walk her home. Shana wants to practice, but Yuuji walks away again. Alastor is disappointed in him and Shana is further frustrated. She wishes that a tomogara would appear so that Yuuji would come with her. Soon after there seems to be a tomogara attack, but as Shana goes off to fight it, Shana is distressed that Yuuji still isn't showing up. At home, Yuuji's mom says it looks like Yuuji wants to be somewhere else, and though he tries to shake it off, she tells him that sometimes people can be of use just by being there, and he decides to go outside. He sees that Shana is fighting and slowly shows up at the scene. Although the opponent was a weak rinne who had lost its master (this rinne reminds me a lot of the Black Knight in Monte Python's Search for the Holy Grail, in that she had to chop it up into tiny bits), Shana doesn't look so well. He asks if she's okay, and she said she's not hurt, but tired. She said that somehow fighting alone was painful and buries her face in his chest. I believe Yuuji finally realizes that she's not as strong as he thought she was, so he apologizes for not being there. She asks him to become stronger, and he says he will, so that he can always be with her.

At the end, we see new tomogara: a brother sister pair (Sorato and Tirieru) and their sunglass-clad helper (Shudonai).

Yuji's mom presents Shana in a new dress

Shana battles a tomogara

Cute brother and sister tomogara pair

Tirieru is not as innocent as she looks

And neither is her brother

Err... is this what brothers and sisters do?

This week's special eyecatch: Sorato and Tirieru


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