Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blood + Episode 9

Episode title: Each Rainbow (それぞれの虹; Sorezore no Niji)

Saya reports on the school and the Red Shield team learns that the other girls at the school have similar looks to Saya. But this episode focuses more on Kai, Riku, and Riku's new friend, Mui. Mui is a Vietnamese girl who lost one leg to an old bomb (she also lost her older brother). Meanwhile, the American military team happens to be investigating Mui, as she seems to be able to hear frequencies related to that of the yokushuu... but they learn that Riku can hear it too. Anyway, through his experiences with Mui, Riku learns that family is rather important, and becomes determined to locate Saya and be together again.

Thoughts: the ending was rather abrupt. Next week Saya goes on a school excursion to Hanoi... what do you think the chances are of Saya and her "brothers" being reunited? There are too many easy coincidences in this show.... they need better storywriting. Maybe 52 episodes were too ambitious. If they had a 24 episode project, the storyline could have been much tighter and more exciting.

Mui and Riku meet

Julia in her new Vietnamese outfit... but David doesn't notice

Photos of the missing girls at the school... it's like they took Saya's face and put different hairstyles on her...

Uh oh... this is what happens when you "hear things"...


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