Sunday, November 27, 2005

Japonica Logos, Love Edition

The November 22nd Japonica Logos focused on "Love."

The questions they had were:
Which word connotes that you want someone all to yourself: "Ai" or "Koi"?
Here is the screenshot asking the question in Japanese above:

To help illustrate the rest of the questions, they had the help of gravure model Haruna. ^_^

In the skit, she and her date are walking through a park and they see another couple flirting. The guy doesn't like that kind of scene and comments on it. Which leads to the second question: Which word for flirting is more derogatory, "icha-icha" or "beta-beta"?

Some pics to illustrate the above:

Guests (model/actress) Otoha and (comedian) Koumoto demonstrate the flirting motions of "icha-icha" and "beta-beta":

Then (comedian) Sekine and the host Tamori demonstrate their understanding (but begin monkeying around):

The next skit was with the dating couple in a room. The guy decides it's time to make a move and tries to kiss her. However, she says, "Stop it!" (yamete). On another day, he tries again, and she says, "No!" (iya). However, she gives him an angry look and calls him "spineless" (ikujinashi). Therefore, the next question is: Which of these two phrases actually can mean, "Ok": "yamete" or "iya"?
Here are the pics illustrating:

Final question: The person you like teases you and you call him/her something: Which description means you like the person: "ikenai hito" or "warui hito"? Here is the pic:


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous bakaboobie said...

Did the show give the actual answers?

Btw, I found your blog via fabio's link. :) Nice to see another AoD-er in the blogging community.


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