Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blood + Episode 10

Episode title: あなたに会いたい (Anata ni Aitai): I Want to Meet You

Saya reports to David that the Phantom might be a yokushuu but that he doesn't seem like the others... it seems "smarter" than the usual. David is surprised and thinks then it might be a "shuubaryu" (or something like that). My thoughts: Is that a term for a special type of yokushuu/chiropterran? Is that what Haji is also?

Saya and her classmates have a school excursion to Hanoi and at a photo exhibit of the Vietnam War, Saya gets flashbacks of when she was on a killing rampage. She freaks out and bolts from the museum, and at an alley, the Phantom appears. Haji comes and has a brief battle with the Phantom, but the Phantom knocks him out then corners Saya. Apparently, he knew the Saya of old and he wants her to remember what she was. But Saya, thinking about her adopted family, says that she'll accept her past and go forward as she is now. She manages to lop off one of his arms. The Phantom retreats, but he's disappointed and saddened with her current state and wonders why she can't remember her past. He says he can't be satisfied if he kills her like how she is now.

At this point, I also wonder what Saya did in the past; it seems like she was killing humans and maybe was siding with the yokushuu.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Saya sees her reflection of the past while looking at photo exhibits of the Vietnam War
The Phantom finds Saya in an alley
The Phantom and Haji have a brief skirmish... but the Phantom overpowers him
Saya is determined to proceed on her own terms


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