Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mai Hime Ep. 9

Episode title: The Sea - Swimsuits + Disaster = ? (海-水着+遭難=? Umi - Mizugi + Sounan = ?)

Arika is thrilled to hear that they'll go to the sea on an excursion... but the excursion is another physical test, as they have to have a survival race to a goal through the forests up a mountain. But Arika is as genki as always and deepens friendships, meanwhile, Shiho furthers her maki-maki plans against Arika, and the Black Valley group has some insidious plans in the area.

Now for some pics:
Shiho can't help her evil laughter, thinking about her maki-maki plans for Arika

Erstin and Arika are teammates

Shizuru helps Natsuki with the sunscreen...

But her fingers wander a bit...

They were given uses of the facilities thanks to the generosity of Her Highness Yukino and Haruka

And a closeup shot of Haruka (for you Haruka fans)

Mashiro and her attendant Aoi in their bathing suits

Chie (I think), Yukariko, and Nagi in their swimsuits

Akane meets her beau

And for you Mikoto fans... Mikoto in her swimsuit relaxing under a beach umbrella

Arika presents her culinary creation to Shiho

After Arika comments on Erstin's plumpy goods

Uh oh... Dark Midori is up to something

Arika discovers something... and it only spells danger for her


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous bakaboobie said...

Nagi got gills.. :D :D

At 11:51 PM, Blogger WRex said...

LOL... you're right. He sure needs to hit the gym or go to McDonald's.


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