Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 9

Episode title: 甘い罠 (Amai Wana: Sweet Trap).

Basically this episode's story was about sisters who opened a pastry shop and their special pastry recipe was stolen by a family friend/pastry chef and he announced the dish on national TV a minute before they revealed the same one while promoting the opening of their store. This ruined the reputation of the store and business was poor and they had a ton of debts...

The person making the wish to send someone to hell is Kasuga Yuka, the younger of two sisters (older sister: Kasuga Hiromi) who open a patisserie. The person she wishes to send to hell is pastry chef Morisaki Shinya. The father and daughter pair we got introduced to in the last episode, Hajime and Tsugumi, have smaller roles in this episode.


Sisters Hiromi and Yuka Kasuga

Yuka gives family friend/chef Morisaki Shinya a taste of her sister's top creation

Tsugumi is delighted in seeing the sweets featured on TV. Meanwhile, Hajime is busy with work as always.

Ai is spending time making paper cranes

More of Enma Ai

Eyes reflect Ai

Ai's looking at you...

Yuka pulls the string

Ai, sending people to hell

Morisaki gets his just desserts


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