Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 15

Episode title: 炎の生まれた日 (Honoo no Umareta Hi): The Day (She was) Born of Fire

Continuing the backstory of how Shana became a Flame Haze. Instead of sticking around to fight Orgon and his card-based knights (due to the emergency situation at Tendougyuu where Shana was training), Wilhelmina decides to jump away. Orgon tries to stop her, but he gets attacked by Tenmoku Ikko, the super strong mistes.

Meanwhile, on Tendougyuu, Shana comes to, finds the immobilized Shiro, hugs him and apologizes, saying that her trick caused him to freak out. At that moment, however, the motorcycle riding tomogara Vine shows up (all happy because he's found the Tendougyuu) and decides he'll eat Shana's soul. However, Wilhelmina shows up and ignomiusly tosses him and his bike away. Wilhelmina tells Shana it's time for her to leave; she think she's being kicked out, but Wilhelmina reassures her that it's because the place has been revealed and also she's ready to become a Flame Haze. Vine recovers, is pissed, and tries to blast them, but Shiro defends the two girls. Wilhelmina leaves Shiro to handle Vine and the two head back to the building.

She dresses Shana's wounds, they share tender words (and Wihelmina reveals she's a Flame Haze), and Wilhelmina tells Shana what she has to do (an important thing being that she has to reveal the secret she's been hiding). Meanwhile, outside, Shiro gets cut in half by Tenmoku Ikko who's shown up. Vine freaks out because he's no match for Tenmoku Ikko (I'm gonna call him "TI" from now on). Wilhelmina decides his appearance is perfect for Shana to become a Flame Haze and together, they show up where TI and Vine are. Shana talks to TI, saying if he wants to fight someone strong, she'll be his opponent, but he'll have to wait till she becomes a Flame Haze. Together, they head toward where Alastor is waiting. Wilhelmina is about to take care of Vine, but has to defend herself against an attack from Orgon.

Orgon's knights bar the way for Shana, but TI takes them out easily. Wilhelmina has to transform (kind of a masked form) to battle Orgon. Inside the building, Shana prepares to make the contract with Alastor while TI waits patiently. Stupid, pathetic Vine shows up and tries to blast Shana, Alastor and Shana share the secrets they've been keeping (about how the previous Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite died and how Shana wants to decide her own path should she feel that the way of the Flame Hazes are not right), then Shana says Vine is interferring, and TI cuts him in two. They make their contract, she steps into the flames, and a new Flame Haze is born.

Oh, and there was a new ending song/animation. Unlike the previous rockin' ending song (Yoaku Umaru Kuru Shoujo), this one is kinda mellow. 紅の静寂 (Aka no Seijaku: Red Silence) is sung by Ishida Youko. The end animation uses an illustration by Itou Noiji. Although I'll miss the old song, at least I bought the CD so I can listen to it at any time.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Shana apologizes to Shiro
Wilhelmina protects Shana from Vine
Wilhelmina in action
Shana and Tenmoku Ikko fight their way toward Alastor (though it's just him doing all the fighting)
Wilhelmina in transformed state
Alastor talks about the previous Enpatsu Shakugan and how she died
Shana and Alastor share secrets before making the contract
A new Flame Haze is born
Part of the illustration from the end animation; the guy in the red/orange jacket is a Flame Haze named Khamsin Nbh'w.
Bottom part of the illustration
This week's eyecatch.... I don't know why, but I really dig Wilhelmina Carmel...


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