Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 14

Shana's battle with Kazumi takes a backseat for awhile as Yuuji's musing over why Shana loves melon bread so much takes us back to a flashback of when Shana was still training to be a Flame Haze. We are introduced to the world of the Flame Hazes and Tomogara and see new characters Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana's trainer/caretaker; a flame haze), Shiro (the skeletal combat partner for Shana), tomogaras Vine, Orgon, and a powerful mistes called Tenmoku Ikko.

It may only be for a couple of episodes, but I'm lovin' Wilhelmina already! She's hot! I also love Shana's Chinese combat dress.

Tomogara council meeting including Bel-Peol (left), Hecate (back) and Shudonai (off screen)
A younger Shana trains
Shana and Shiro spar
The lovely Wilhelmina Carmel
Conniving tomogara Vine (pronounced "vee-neh")
Shana accidently plops some spaghetti on her head...giving her a strategic plan for combat
Wilhelmina tries to escape a confrontation...
But is caught by the bodiless tomogara Orgon
To complicate things, an armored Mistes, named Tenmoku Ikko, approaches, sensing a strong opponent
New eyecatch for those who like the rivalry between Shana and Kazumi
Second eyecatch featuring Shana in kimono goodness (reminds me of Mahoro)


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