Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bleach 64

It looks like this arc could be a "save Orihime arc." Basically, everyone's back to school and Renji is made the "tanto" or the shinigami in charge of the Karakura area. Orihime is down about not being any use in their jaunt to Soul Society, which leads to her abduction.

The art quality didn't seem up to par; everyone looked kinda elongated or mishapen a bit. There were a few LOL moments (usually involving Kon). I think this arc shows some promise, though, and should be a good filler till they finish the current manga arc.

Also, there seems to be a funky new ending song/animation... but I'm not sure if it was introduced in the last episode because I didn't realize it was an hour long special and I only recorded half of it...

Some screencaps:
Abarai "Fashion Nightmare Freeloader" Renji has dinner with Ururu and gang
Orihime trains hard
Kon greets Ichigo... in his own, twisted, little, frustrated stuffed animal sort of way
What could be frightening the beegeebees out of Renji?
The Gates of H-.... something open wide
New enemies?
The ending animation is quite bizarre... and cute
The ending shows a clearer image of the new enemies.... the girl is too cute though...


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous bakaboobie said...

It's all about nightgown Orihime. ;)

Yeah, the new ED just started in this episode. It's very very weird, but at the same time, catchy. Already had the TV-version memorized. :P

At 7:18 AM, Blogger WRex said...

I think this ending is fun... I especially like the three characters' choreographed dances.


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