Monday, January 09, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 13

Episode title: "Declaration of War Behind the School"

Besides the exiting battles (Shana vs. the Perverted Twins, Marjorie vs. Shudonai, and Shana vs. Kazumi), we see Shana becoming more aware of her feelings for Yuuji and Marjorie coming out of her doldrums. Pics and summary below.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Alastor is sliced off from Shana as Sorato tests out his new possesion (Shana's sword "Nietono no Shana")
Tiereru tell Shana that when Sorato gets a new sword, he tests it out on their former owners by first slicing off their clothes, then skin, then flesh, and organs.
It seems Yuuji can sense where rinne are and Marjorie sees it as a valuable skill; she decides to help the "shrimp" (Shana) by blasting away the rinne using Yuuji's sensing ability
Sorato wants to use the sword's flame ability, but Shana shows where the flames come from
Meanwhile, Shudonai overpowers Marjorie
Shudonai discovers the treasure inside Yuuji
Marjorie has found a new reason to fight (and is even more powerful)
The perverted twins are engulfed by Shana's fire spiral
Shana's sad finishing attack
This week's eyecatch featuring Shudonai

Some details: The twins talk about their version of love; Shana decides her relationship with Yuuji is different. One aspect is the "reward" that Tiereru gives her brother ... a deep saliva/spirit exchanging french kiss. Later in the show, Shana praises Yuuji for his various actions and wants to give him a "reward"... they face each other, faces blushing, and Yuuji closes his eyes; he's surprised to find a melon bread shoved in his face. "It's a special one," Shana says, "very delicious!" She does love him. ^_^

Marjorie was no match for Shudonai; all she could do was to fake her death so that he'd pay no attention to her. However, Marcocius tricks her into thinking that her two helpers had died, raising her fighting spirit. She's surprised to see them alive, and goes off to fight anyway, though embarassed by being deceived into showing her feelings for her helpers. She says she found a new reason to fight; to protect her loved ones. She finds this reason gives her more power than fighting for hatred and vengeance... she kicks Shudonai's ass and he flees when he sees the writing on the wall (he also sees the twins about to get creamed by Shana).

In the end, Shana returns to the spot where she and Kazumi were arguing over Yuuji. Kazumi declares that she'll tell her feelings to Yuuji; Shana says that Yuuji is hers. Though they don't resolve anything, they walk away, and you feel like war has been declared between the two.


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