Thursday, January 19, 2006

Live Action Chibi Maruko-chan

On a morning show called "Tokudane Times," they announced that there will be a live-action drama of the popular, long running family anime "Chibi Maruko-chan." They showed the major cast members and some scenes when they were filming. I thought they did a good job in casting them.

Here are some pics (click to enlarge):
Chibi Maruko-chan will be played by Ei Morisako
The mom will be played by Shimizu Michiko
The grandpa will be played by Moto Fuyuki
The dad will be played by Takahashi Katsumi
The teacher will be played by one of the announcers on Tokudane Times, Kasai
One more look at the cuteness of Ei-chan
Some of the other castmembers (Maruko-chan's friends)


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