Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blood + Episode 14

Episode title: Saigo no Nichiyoubi (The Last Sunday)

Saya, Kai, and Riku return to Okinawa to close up a chapter in their lives. They do some grave visiting and meet up with friends.

This episode featured new openings and endings. Opening song, "Season's Call," is by Hyde, and ending song, "Cry No More" is sung by Mika Nakashima. Both opening and ending animation is quite stylish, but the opening also has some intriguing images of things we can look forward to the future.

Some screencaps (click to enlarge):
From the opening:
Some of Diva's chevaliers?
Is this Saya... or Diva?
Riku looking cool in an overcoat
Kai, looking a little older and cooler in an overcoat of his own
Who are these cloaked figures?

From the episode:
Saya's coccoon... though it kinda looked like a urinal to me... has visions of Saya (ala Jubei-chan) singing, "I'm a urinal queen!"
Saya spends quality time with her best friend

From the ending:
Saya sleeping


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous bakaboobie said...

At first I was trying to figure out what was wrong with this particular episode. Now, I finally figured it out. The show is basically and slowly turning into Witch Hunter Robin.


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