Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ah! My Goddess Special Disc

This disc included 2 episodes unaired on TV, but of course they were based on the manga. Episode 25 (Ah! Urd no Chiisana Koi Monogatari; Ah! Urd's Small Love Story) featured Urd shrinking down to kid size and having an adventure with a introspective little boy who falls in love with her. Episode 26 (Ah! Doki Doki tte Otona no Aji?; Ah! Is this Heartracing Adult Taste?) featured Skuld suddenly maturing to adult size and proportions, and her experiences with adult feelings of romance and excitement. Belldandy also gets affected, and she becomes stuck in a miniature form. Here are some screenshots from those episodes (click to enlarge):
Angry chibi-Urd
Bell is chibi-chibi sized
Kid-sized Urd plays with her Somy POP
Chibi-chibi Bell takes a ride with Keiichi
Chibi-Urd must release chibi-World of Elegance to save her new boyfriend
Skuld is proud of her new adult proportions
But Urd shows her what real boobage looks like
Skuld is cut back down to size
Skuld tries on some adult clothing
This is no dream folks...


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