Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blood + Episode 13

Episode title: Jungle Paradise

I liked this action filled episode. Basic summary: Saya goes on a rampage, Van Argeno and Solomon try to relocate Diva and the other cargo, the Phantom and Saya face off, Kai manages to bring everyone together. Pics and summary (with spoilers) below:

Pics (click to enlarge):
Saya sees a vision leading to her past and to the loss of her humanity...
Saya goes on a rampage
She even sucks the blood from her own Chevalier, Haji
The Phantom transforms
The Phantom and Saya fight
The Phantom gets the upper hand...
And Mui begins to crack... (into a chibi-yokushuu)
Saya's determined to fight to save her family
A life or death action from the Phantom

Detailed summary (warning, contains spoilers):
Saya succumbs to Diva's song and she goes wild, not only brutally killing all the chibi-yokushuu (chiropterrans), but also harming her own teammates. That's the scene that Kai sees as he forces into the room where she's at. Haji tries to bring her back, but she overpowers him and begins to suck his blood. The Phantom is also there, overjoyed to see her like how she was during the Vietnam War when she lost control. They are about to fight when Kai's voice brings Saya back to her senses. The Phantom is about to attack her anyway, but he hear's Solomon's command for him to stop and he returns to where Solomon and Van Argeno are preparing to relocate Diva and the other cargo.

Kurara, one of the female commandos, who is about to die from wounds (most likely inflicted by Saya herself when she lost control), asks her to protect their future, because she's the only one who can fight the yokushuu. In tears, Saya, David, and Kai head outside and Kurura uses a powerful grenade to kill herself and a bunch of chibi-yokushuu who are about to converge on her. Saya asks Kai to protect Riku because she has to fight. Kai says he understands but he'll return to her side later. Meanwhile, the skin of Mui begins to crack as she and Riku try to comfort each other.

Soloman and Van Argeno about to take off on two U.S. helicopters that have come to take the two containers. Karl transform into his more powerful monstrous state and he and Saya engage in battle. The Phantom's happy to see how powerful she is, but he eventually overpowers her and breaks one of her arms (maybe). David tries to stop the helicopters, gets aboard one and tries to commandeer it to chase the other copter, but their copter gets shot down by a portable surface to air missile. David manages to survive.

The Phantom stalks toward Saya. Kai, Riku, Mui, and other yellow cloaked children appear outside. Kai begins to throw rocks at the Phantom to protect Saya. The Phantom directs his will and Mui and other children grab a hold of Riku. "You can eat them!" the Phantom commands. But their movements stop as they get distracted by Saya who has grabbed her sword and gotten up. "(The reason) why I'm here... (there are) lots of things I don't remember... (there are) lots of things I don't want to remember... but I'll stop you from doing things like what you did to these children... even if I lose myself, I'll definitely (stop you)!" she declares and renews her attack. She skillfully evades the Phantom's strike and she cuts one of his legs with her blood-channeled sword. The Phantom flees toward the plantation building and though she chases him, she's too late. Inside, the Phantom takes an ax and amputates his own leg so that her blood doesn't spread and kill him.

Mui and the other yellow-cloaked children are in cages. Riku tries to talk to Mui, but she savagely tries to attack him. However, it seems a part of her remembers her humanity and her human hand silently plays the piano melody she used to practice. Riku asks if they can return to being human again. "Yes," Kai lies.

On the boat leaving the battle site. Saya looks forlorn, but Riku asks, "Why do you (Saya) have to fight? (Whatever the reason), I'll do what I can to help, so don't hide anything from us." Saya is taken by his words and hugs him. Kai adds, "don't shoulder everything yourself, (because) we're a family." "Okay," says Saya, and begins to cry softly. End of episode.

By next week's preview, it looks like they return to Okinawa.


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