Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blood + Episode 15

Episode title: おいかけたいの! (Oikaketai no! / I Want to Follow You!)

This episode focused on the photographer Akihiro's discoveries, resolve, and investigations, which lead to him partnering up with (or rather, completely becoming the lackey of) Saya's classmate Mao.

Pics (click to enlarge) and story summary (spoilers) to follow:
But before we get into the story, there was a commercial for a Blood the Last Vampire PSP game:

James, another chevalier
Akihiro compares his photos to his dad's
Mao confronts Kaori about not telling her Kai had come back
Mao doesn't like Akihiro making fantastic speculations about Saya.

Story summary:
The show starts with Solomon passing off the duties of taking care of Diva to another Chevalier, James, who is an officer in the U.S. Navy. Diva's aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier. We learn that Karl (The Phantom) is still missing.

Meanwhile, Akihiro broods over what he's seen in Vietnam. He looks at the photos he's taken in Vietnam, then realizes he's seen Saya before... and makes the connection to photos that his dad took in Vietnam (which has Saya with chiropterrans). At his job (a newspaper), he agonizes over some connection he can't make. His boss comes by to remind him his job was on the line if he didn't follow through on his duties. Akihiro asks if he can be sent to France, which is, of course, refused. Later, he takes the bottle of wine he took from the Vietnamese school and asks him to analyze it. Talking to the doctor gives him another clue, and eventually, his investigations take him to Saya's school

At Saya's school, Mao is berating Kaori for not telling her that Kai and Saya had returned. Kaori says that Kai specifically asked her not to tell her. Their conversation is interrupted by Akihiro, who has heard them say Saya's name. Mao asks if he's one of those middle aged dudes who buy sex from high school girls, he shows them photos of Saya (confirming that it's her), Mao tries to bully him into giving info about Saya and Kai's whereabouts, and Kaori tells him to leave Saya alone and runs off. Eventually, Mao and Akihiro talk at a diner (where he learns her family name is Jahana, of the infamous crime group "Jahana-gumi"... though she says that her family business is a legitimate real estate company... probably ^_^). They talk about Saya, and while they're talking, the doctor calls to tell him that someone broke into the office and took the wine. He tells her that the wine was an important lead, and he needs to go to France to contnue the investigation but the newspaper company won't pay for the trip. She asks how much he needs, and he replies he needs about 5,000,000 yen (about $50,000 U.S.) (is he nuts? he must've been joking... he must've added an extra zero). She runs off without saying a word, and he comments that what makes the adult world move is money. He orders dinner (tako (octopus) rice).

However, later as he's about to start his car, Mao knocks on his door, gets in, and shows a briefcase full of money. It's 50,000,000 yen ($500,000 U.S.), she says... her dad's pocket money. She says he can have it on two conditions: 1) He take her with her (so that she can meet up with Kai) and 2) he doesn't smoke (he's quite dismayed with this one). He resists, but she says that she was spotted leaving with the money, and that the scary minions of the Jahana-gumi were probably on the way and hints that he would be in dire straits if caught. He can only resignedly comply. ^_^


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