Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blood + Episode 12

Episode title: 白い霧にさそわれた (Shiroi Kiri ni Sasowareta: Invited by the White Fog)

Warning: contains spoilers:

Saya and elite Red Shield combat members go after the mysterious cargo deep in the jungle. Meanwhile, it seems Solomon and Karl (the Phantom) go way back. They meet (along with Van Argeno) to inspect the cargo... which seems to be a person... perhaps a yokushuu or a vampire named Diva (or Riva... couldn't quite catch it) who is asleep. And Kai has a semi-successful rescue attempt to free Riku and Mui, who are in the same mansion area that the evil doers are at.

As Saya and co. get close to the compound, a bunch of red cloaked children start humming a freaky tune; they are responding to a song that Riku, Mui, Saya, Haji, Karl, and Solomon all can hear. The red-cloaked children go out and confront the Red Shield members; the kids turn into mini yokushuu and all hell breaks loose. Saya, unnerved by the song, the violence, and flashbacks to the past when she went on a rampage, starts to lose it. At one point, one of the Red Shield members tells her to fight because she's all they got (since their bullets only slow down the yokushuu and can't really kill them). However, she's really in the deep end, and the show ends with everyone in dire straits.

The next episode's preview shows Saya in combat mode (thankfully) and it looks like there's some bad-ass yokushuu to fight her.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Kai puts a little scare into Riku
This photo dates back to 1920... who's the woman in the photo, I wonder? Saya? Diva?
Inspecting the cargo
Chibi yokushuu!
Saya's out of it


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