Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 11

Episode title is "Chigireta Ito" (The Broken String).

The contractee in this episode is Kataoka, a son of a politician in the midst of a scandal. In addition, he was falsely reported in a tabloid that he was using drugs, further discrediting his family. He wants vengence against Inagaki, who also happens to be owner/editor for the tabloid that Hajime is freelancing for. What's interesting this episode is that Hajime finds out about this contract early on and tries to talk Kataoka out of using Jigoku Shoujo's services. At one point, he yells out, "Jigoku Shoujo's methods are wrong!"

Further details: Kataoka is abandoned by his friends in an alley after he tried to borrow some money from them. He soon contacts the Jigoku Shoujo website and gets the hell doll, contract details, and standard warning.

Hajime visits the grave of his dead wife; it seems his daughter Tsugumi had been there earlier, as evidenced by the kids snacks left as an offering on her gravestone. Hajime gets an annoying phone call.

Hajime is talking to a tabloid owner who gives him his next assignment. The tabloid owner, Inagaki, tells Hajime to make up stuff if he can't find any dirt. Hajime said he won't resort to falsehood and leaves. Ichimoku Ren was observing the conversation (eye on the wall). He comments to Hone Onna outside that Hajime will never get promoted. Hone Onna says they should concentrate on the target, and not Hajime.

Outside, a security guard is trying to subdue an angry Kataoka who wants to speak to Inagaki. He tries to punch the security guard but is stopped by Hajime. Hajime takes him to a park area where he tries to hear about his grudge. There Kataoka slowly talks about how Inagaki made up stories of him taking drugs; that plus his father's scandal has ripped his family apart. Hajime tells him to use his energy to do something positive instead of trying to get vengence on someone. Kataoka says Hajime knows nothing and runs off.

At Hajime's house, Tsugumi is cooking dinner, assisted by a bartender or restaurant owner friend. Suddenly, Tsugumi has a vision.

Hajime is spying on Inagaki, who is coming out of a hostess club. Tsugumi contacts him on his phone about her vision. Hajime realizes that he's in the spot that she's describing and he runs. In an alley where Inagaki is walking through with hostess girls on his arms, he is confronted by Kataoka, who tries to attack him with a broken bottle. However, Inagaki beats the crap out of him. (Pathetic.) Hajime arrives on the scene and asks if Kataoka is okay. He tells him that Inagaki was a karate champion. He then says, you've contacted the Jigoku Shoujo, haven't you? "That guy..." says, Ichimoku Ren. "Is being a pest" finishes Hone Onna.

Kataoka explains how the doll works. Hajime tells him not to pull the string. He said he'll find dirt on Inagaki and write an article so Kataoka should leave things to him and not do anything. Hajime runs off to the hostess bar but finds that Inagaki is gone. The girl says there was some hottie who told Inagaki to come to her club instead and he went off with her. Inagaki is with a girl on his arm and he tries to open a door... but the doorknob turns into a hand and pulls him in. Hajime runs to the scene but finds himself at a dead end. Hone Onna appears from a pillar after he leaves. Inagaki is tormented then sent to hell.

Hajime returns to the spot where Inagaki was and finds the red string on the ground. He asks Kataoka why he pulled the string. Kataoka said whatever he did now wouldn't change the damage done to his family; what's broken can't be fixed. He said Hajime has a family so he should understand.

My comments: the persons making these contracts sure are weak... they really don't try hard enough. They really do deserve to go to hell.

Pics (click to enlarge):
This week's contractee: Kataoka

Kataoka's vision of what'll happen when he goes to hell

Ai keeps her eyes on Kataoka (seen on the right)

Tsugumi cooks dinner with the help of a family friend but she gets a Jigoku Shoujo vision

The start of Inagaki's journey to hell

Hone Onna plays "hide and seek" with Hajime

Inagaki finds himself in tabloid hell

It seems this week Ai has an extra fervor to her eyes as she sends someone to hell


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