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Kiba 01

Episode title: "Wind of Fate" (Unmei no Kaze)

Story of a delinquent who, turning 15, is destined to be something called a "shardcaster." Detailed summary below the pics (click to enlarge):The story begins with a vision of otherworldly patterns and a flying humanoid creature. A female voice asks Zet if he can hear her lullaby, the sound of the winds of his homeland, and the sounds of her feathers that will guide him. The voice says she loves him... and hates him. Zet, a young man with a strange ring shaped protrusion emerging on the back of his left hand, wonders what's going on... He pants, and grips the wire fence in the midst of a dark, futuristic city with no wind.

The scene changes to a school meeting. The principal is furious about Zet's delinquency and how he's been seen damaging property even outside school grounds. They plan to kick him out of school. A young man named Noa, the school president, tries to defend him by saying he's not a bad kid, and that there must be a good reason to his actions, but the principal tells him he needs to think of the school as a whole and not just one person. A burly teacher has a plan to watch the hospital where Zet's mom is at, thinking he'll turn up there.

Back in some dark alley, a door has been destroyed and police have caught Zet. Zet's homeroom teacher and Noa are there and convince them to let him go this time and leave him in their hands. As they walk away, the homeroom teacher complains about Zet and when they look back, Zet's slipped off again. The teacher notes they'll have to hunt for him again tomorrow and that they should just get rid of him already. He complains about the city's polluted air, puts on his mask and walks away.

Zet's destroyed another door again... he clenches his fist as he feels the ring under his skin acting up, then a small wind blows by his feet.... a strange thing, since wind doesn't blow in this city. He hears sirens, and small police vehicles race through the alleys toward him. He tries to outrun them, and the police have to chase him on foot. They corner him, and he leaps off the high walkway... a suicidal action as the grounds is far below him. But before he hits the ground, a strange glow surrounds him, slowing his fall, and he hits the ground with less force.

Later, Noa finds Zet and tells him his mom felt lonely that Zet wasn't visiting so often; she wondered if it were because her cooking wasn't so good. Zet asks him what he wants, and Noa asks him why he's breaking down doors. He asks if it has something to do with his mom. Zet tells him to put on his mask since he's of poor health. He tells him he's breaking down doors because he somehow feels that if he does so, it'll lead him to a different world that's calling him. Noa tells him about the school meeting and advises him to go to school. However, Zet knows there'll be no freedom in that; he wants to be free to do what he needs to do... though he doesn't yet know what that is. Noa gives up and gives him a birthday present; a kind of a belt decoration with falcon feathers. Zet's touched that he's remembered his birthday (15th), but Noa suddenly collapses.

They are at the hospital, and we see that Noa has some kind of cybernetic implant along his spine. He has a fatal disease, and the device allows him to move about freely instead of being bedridden. It lessens his lifespan, but he'd rather live a short life doing what he wants rather than be strapped to a bed. As he's talking, they notice that Zet's slipped off again. Zet's at the Calm Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, and he wishes to visit his mom. The staff tell him he has 15 minutes. His mom stares blankly at a jellyfish in a fish tank as Zet talks to him. He asks if she knows what today is... he says it's his birthday and that Noa gave him feather falcons... he's surprised as she's staring intensely at his feathers, saying, "white feathers..." He asks her if she's seen the same dream as he has, but at that moment, the teachers have come, grab him, and take him away. They lock him up in a cell in school.

In another world of lush greenery, a girl and an old man are sparring both physically and magically. It appears he's training her. Her name is Roya. He defeats her and tells her she has a ways to go.

Back in Zet's cell, someone's thrown an incendiary into his cell. Fortunately, Noa's arrived at that moment and breaks him out from the outside. Zet runs off, saying he's going to his mom's hospital. As they're running, he tells Noa how someone tried to set his cell on fire. However, he doesn't care who's tried to kill him. He tells Noa that he's decided to leave town after he's freed his mom. In front of the hospital, however, the burly teacher's waiting for him. Noa tries to warn him, and begins to collapse again due to his poor health. The teacher accuses him of setting the school on fire and tells him to come with him without a fuss, since the police are on their way as well. Zet tells him to move, and the teacher invites him to make him. However, the skinny homeroom teacher appears and says, "I'm his teacher; let me deal with his disposal." The burly teacher tells him that he doesn't need to get involved, but the homeroom teacher's eyes glow red and he says he needs to kill the boy. He produces a red light-saber-like weapon and kills the burly teacher... the beam continues on to strike Kiba, but he manages to block it with his arm; the ring like shape on his hand glows. The homeroom teacher says he needs to kill Kiba before he becomes an eyesore called a "shardcaster" and tries to attack again, but the glass doors behind Kiba explodes and an energy blast hits the assassin. "What shardcaster are you?" he screams, but just gets attacked magically by Kiba's mom. Her attacks are too much for him and he flees and she chases after him. The police arrive, and they think Kiba's killed the teacher. They take him away and take Noa away in an ambulance, who's regained consciousness to see Kiba being forced into a police vehicle.

In the ambulance, Noa overpowers the driver, kicks him out, chases down the police vehicle crashes into it. Noa's hurt, but Kiba's freed. He runs down an alley, and feels a wind... it's coming out of a glowing point in the air. The glow grows into a large magical circle, and the winged being of his visions appear. It flies back into the circle and its feathers fly out toward Kiba. The police arrive and try to catch him; he runs and leaps into the circle. The circle of light disappears, the airblast blow the police officers off their feet.

In the world of Tenprar, some dude is challenging Jiico, saying he'll take away his spirit shard. Jiico produces a fire staff that is his spirit shard. The challenger produces some kind of giant monster. Jiico sighs, saying what a bother this was. But he looks up in the sky in surprise. The air erupts and a whirlwind blasts the ground between the combatants. Out appears Kiba like Dorothy in the land of Oz, and he looks up at this strange world and feels the wind. End of first episode.


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks promising. Thanks for the summary.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger WRex said...

Thanks for reading ^_^

Yeah, the show was better than I expected. From the preview, it looks like Kiba will get some punishment.


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