Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blood+ Episode 25

Episode title: Red Shield

Quick summary: basically, everyone waits for Riku to gain consciousness, Saya gets more involved wtih Red Shield, Collins comes more into the limelight, Akihiro and Mao makes some discoveries, and Saya gets a new sword and announces her commitment. Detailed summary below the pics (click to enlarge):

Akihiro and Mao are at the "Zoo" and follow the trail of blood to the broken katana that Saya fought with. Meanwhile, aboard the cruise ship that serves as Red Shield headquarters, everyone waits anxiously for Riku to wake. Kai is happy that he's alive, but Saya's feeling guilty about what she did to Riku and also feel like she can't face Kai. Obviously, his words have created a wall between them. She goes outside and looks over the deck, and Haji tells her that Riku will become a Chevalier and protect her for all eternity. Their conversation is interrupted by David, who tells Saya that there is a Red Shield meeting and that she's invited.

At the meeting, Collins gives his report. First, he gives a report about Riku, whom he refers to as a "good sample," to which Saya reacts angrily, but doesn't need to say anything as Joel chides his language choice. He then reports about chiropterran attacks at a research base in Iceland. Collins asks Saya about her observations of the Shifu, to which she can't really give any information; he scolds her to be more observant next time (yeah, I hate this guy already). After the meeting, Joel officially introduces himself to Saya and thanks her for working with them.

After the meeting, Joel and David meet privately in his library. He takes out "Joel's Diary" and looks at the page with no's the day that the first Joel died. We learn from this conversation that there has been six generations of "Joel's" and that David's father also served Red Shield but died in Viet Nam.

Julia discovers a new base in Riku's genetic makeup; Collins arrives and they talk about how this could be Nobel Prize level research and discoveries.... if they could go public. We learn that Julia was one of Collin's students. Later, Collins gets a phone call from outside the ship; it's Van Argeno, and he talks about Iceland, his Nobel-level research, and tries to persuade Collins to work with him. He wants to meet him seven days later.

On the deck of the ship, Saya and Haji are talking, and David arrives. He apologizes to her for not telling her everything, as he wanted her to regain her memories naturally. He asks if she will continue working with them, and she says that she'll not run. He then presents her with a new sword, one with a blood jewel near the haft. Saya takes the sword, and swears that she'll not rest until Diva's dead. Haji kneels to her and says that if that's her wish, he'll assist her.

Meanwhile, after going over his research notes, Akihiro realizes that there's a connection between Joel Goldsmidt and Solomon Goldsmith. He decides they need to return to Paris. On board the ship, Riku's eyes open.


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous lacus said...

does that red ruby really glow THAT much in moonlight??... seems like they put a battery in it to make it shine more... LOL.

thanks for the cap pics ^_^

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The screencaps are good enough for me. Take your time and thank you...^-^


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