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Blood+ Episode 24

Episode title: Airy Singing Voice (Karoyaka na Utagoe)(click on pic to enlarge; more pics below)

Seeing Diva holding Riku's unmoving body, Saya screams. Haji and Solomon fights fiercely. Solomon comments that even if their organs get pierced, they can recover completely... but he wonders what will happen if their bodies get crushed completely. Moments later, he manages to bury Haji under tons of mountain rock.

Back in the tower, Diva sings, recognizes her sister. Saya asks how she could kill their father. "Father? That old man that locked me up in this tower for so long? I hate him! I killed him!" She proceeds to tell her that Saya was the one who freed her. Indeed, that makes Saya remember how she felt sorry for Diva, freed her so that she could attend Joel's party. However, we know what Diva did with her freedom. Suddenly, Saya remembers the thing she has to do: kill Diva. Her eyes turn red, she stabs her had with a metal stake and attacks. Diva smirks. David and Kai are running toward the cell and they hear a crashing noise. The see Saya slumped against the wall... worse, Riku's on the floor, blood on his neck. David shoots Diva, but she recovers, tells him he doesn't look that tasty, and slams him against the wall. She says Kai looks tasty, though, and heads toward him. Saya runs between them, and Diva throws Saya against the wall again. This time, the force breaks the wall, Saya falls to the ground below and falls through the ground to an underground passage. Diva jumps down, tells Lewis he doesn't look tasty either, then enters the underground passage to find Saya. Saya, hearing her voice, runs away.

Saya finds an old armory and grabs a sword. But Solomon shows up, saying that it looks like she's made her decision. Diva shows up, Saya attacks, and Solomon takes Diva outside. Saya follows and she and Solomon fight (though the doesn't really attack). He breaks her sword in half. He says that she should realize they she has no hope against them. He extends his hand and asks her once more to join them but she cuts his hand with her broken sword. Diva laughs, saying that he got rejected. Saya's eyes turn normal at this point and she collapses. Diva says it's because she's lacking blood... even though there's so much to drink around her. Saya says she's not like them. Diva says they are. She picks up the shard of the broken sword and says she'll kill Saya herself. She grabs Saya from behind, cuts her hand the sword shard. She says that Saya's blood is poison for her, but her hand's poison for Saya. She'll stab Saya in the heart. But just as she's about to strike her, she fades away; Haji has thrown his cello case (what's that thing made of? adamantium?) and Diva's dodged it. Haji catches Saya's body. Diva decides it's time to leave and the two of them disappear.

Lewis shows up with a rifle, Saya breaks out of her helpless state; she's remembered Riku. In the cell, David says the ambulance is far away... Riku's not going to make it. Saya mentions there is one way. Kai's excited and wants to know how. Saya replies explains she can give her blood to freeze his time but she's reluctant to do it, knowing it may not be something that Riku wants. Kai demands she do it... he's his brother and if he dies, he'd be alone. Those words strike Saya hard... she sees that Kai no longer thinks of her as a sister. But she'll do it because she wants to save Riku too. She cuts her hand, sucks the blood and gives the blood to Riku mouth to mouth. Moments later Riku convulses; Saya collapses against the wall, drained by the day's turn of events.

Meanwhile, Diva and Solomon are on the stone bridge in the Zoo. They see Anschel and Diva runs to him, saying her dress has a hole in it. Anschel jokes that she did it herself just so that she'd get a new dress. Solomon asks why he brought her here. Anschel answers he was just following her desires. But more importantly, he asks why Solomon's here (very menacing air). Diva laughs, breaking of the flowers from the stem, saying that Solomon loves Saya. End of story.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Interesting turn of events. I really didn't expect Saya to turn Riku. Oh well, no wonder he and Haji were getting along so well. I guess the elder chevalier can mentor him now. I'm not sure how useful Riku will be in a fight, he will probably be depressed for some time :(
And shame on Diva for picking on Solomon because he has a crush on her sister.

At 7:49 AM, Blogger WRex said...

Yes, I feel sorry for Riku... he'll be stuck in a kid's body for all eternity. And since Haji gets kicked around by the other Chevaliers, I don't see Riku being much use either (unless he starts sucking blood) in a fight.... maybe hel'll be able to handle smallfry yokushuu.

Diva wasn't as crazy as I imagined either... I thought she'd be like some kind of mindless monster, but she actually interacts normally (in a homicidal way). ^_^;;

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous lacus said...

wow, thanks for the quick release of the summary ^__^

i can't believe riku's a chevalier now -__-''.. guess he and kai are going to stick around longer than i thought. which brings up another question, will kai become a chevalier just cuz riku is one now? O_o.. hope not

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Kaya said...

I'm interested in the part when Hagi save Saya from Diva. In what way she say that he doesn't hate him-does this mean that Hagi means something for Diva?Interesting episode-but that is just like for every episode of Blood+ (for me:))

At 3:51 PM, Blogger WRex said...

Lacus: thanks! And I kinda think that Kai will end up to be like the next David, rather than a Chevalier.

Kaya: when the chevaliers were meeting a couple of episodes ago, they said that Haji was supposed to get married to Diva while Saya was supposed to be Diva's chevaliers' bride... of course, I'm sure Saya and Haji did not have any say in this. This may be some kind of thought they had of somehow merging their different bloods. Anyway, what Diva said was, in a bit of a miffed tone: "burei na chevalier (what an insolent chevalier)"... then she makes a small smile and says, "kirai janai kedo" (though I don't hate you). Then Haji looks at her and says softly, "Diva...." Makes me wonder if they met and conversed before.

At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Kaya said...

I'm wondering what kind of connection is between Hagi and Diva-it's like that they know each other, because if that wasn't soo she wouldn't say that she doesn't hate him...
Still I think that he is too much devoted to Saya-she is acting like he doesn't exist (sometimes). But I also think that he knows that her memory is not awakened yet-their relationship was certainly diferent (like in ep. 17 when Saya before she fall asleep, teach in a softly and gentle way the face of Hagi).
Maybe I'm to much obsest with this too-the end of Blood+ might have some bad outcome...(hope not) certanly someone important must die like Solomon or Kai or David or Hagi or everybody...Don't wanna know but still I'm curious :P
Oh yes, maybe late but again ARIGATO for the summaries!:)

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the quick summary. I knew that Riku will become a chevalier. But he could hear Diva's song, right? I wonder if Diva will use him against Saya.
Poor Solomon.



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