Friday, March 24, 2006

Kagihime 10

Awesome episode for me. Arisu seems in her own world; she knocks over a photo album of Aruto and Kiraha's childhood. As they pick up the photos, Aruto and Kiraha chat nostalgically. This makes Arisu feel even worse and she runs off. Aruto chases after her. She says that maybe she felt jealous. Aruto says they can create new memories together. Meanwhile, Asuka's pondering why her memory magic didn't work on Arisu. She reads Aruto's book and realizes why.

Later, Aruto and Arisu go on a date; he wants to know about places related to her past. She's reluctant (since she has no memories), but she shows him around telling stories about her childhood; however, Aruto learns they are false stories but doesn't reveal he knows. Later that night, Asuka meets Arisu and tells her there's an important reason for Arisu to fight Kiraha. She tells her she's solved her mystery after reading Aruto's book; she gives the book to Arisu.

The next day, Kiraha sees an Alice-invitation from Arisu. She keeps it a secret from her brother but he thought something was up as she tries to sneak out to leave. However, she runs out and flies toward the meeting spot. He chases after her but can't catch up. Kiraha calls forth Arisu and Arisu attacks her, saying she'll take her story. Outside, Kisa meets up with Aruto; she says her "Kiraha Danger Antenna" was acting up. They reach the building where Kiraha and Arisu are fighting. Asuka's there to stop them, but gets knocked out by a punch by Kirika. Inside, they are fighting and Arisu plunges her key into Kiraha's heart. Aruto and Kisa plead for her to stop. Arisu says that she needs to do this because one who completes all the stories will be granted a wish and there's a wish she needs granted more than anyone else. Kisa offers to give her story if she let's Kiraha go. Arisu says she'll take Kisa's story... but also Kiraha's. Aruto asks why she's doing this, and she asks if he doesn't know. Basically, she reveals several bombshells: she says that she's only a creation of Aruto... bigger yet, the person that Aruto truly loves is his sister, Kiraha. She returns Aruto's book to him... he starts to fall apart, mentally. Arisu says that if you read Aruto's book carefully, you'd understand everything; he loved Kiraha, but of course it was a forbidden love. Thus he created Arisu as a substitute. If Aruto would say that he needed her and wanted her to always stay as his lover, she could continue to exist. She asks Aruto to say it, but he's a blithering idiot at this point. After pleading several times, she flies towards the ceiling. "It's too late... goodbye," she says, and she fades away.

Asuka arrives, disappointed that things turned out this way; she had wanted more infighting between them. Kiraha's pissed at this point, having lost someone who'd become her friend and sick of the manipulations. Asuka thinks she can handle Kiraha, but her anger has made her faster and stronger and she defeats Asuka and takes her story.

Then suddenly, the scenery changes, and they are shocked at what they see. The Alice Twins are laughing evily and Takion's voice welcomes them to the "Final Stage." And they see Arisu encased in a large crystal.

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