Monday, March 27, 2006

Kagihime 11

Kiraha and Kisa try to free Arisu from the crystal, but with no results and the Alice twins taunt them. Aruto is still in a state of self-horror. Then the Alice Master and Riddle appear. He says that she can't be freed by power. If they complete the Neverending Alice Story and give it to them, he'll free her. Kiraha asks about his wish to publish the story, but he said he never had the intention; he just said that to spur them on to continue the battles to collect the stories. And he thought in the end that Arisu would be the last one remaining, but he never imagined that she'd tried to erase herself of her own will; only the fast action of Riddle encasing her in the crystal allowed them to stop her from disappearing. He says they should be thankful to Riddle. If they continue the battles, they can free Arisu.

Kisa believes the Alice Master's words and attacks Kiraha. Kiraha doesn't have the will to fight, but nearly gets impaled, and she fights back; however, Kisa had no intention of trying to win and lets Kiraha hit her heart. Sadly, she says that she wanted to stay with her to the end and protect her, but this is the only way to save Arisu. She believes that Aruto will copy her story and that it will be okay; she also wanted Kiraha to take her story; her secret story. She feels happy that her story will be taken by Kiraha. In tears, Kiraha says the spell to release her story. She asks her brother to quickly copy the story, but the idiot says he can't do it. They see her story of how she was a little girl unloved by her mother; a little girl depressed with no friends. One day she decided to drown herself but is saved by Kiraha. Because that mind-numbing idiot Aruto can't move, Kisa fades away.

Kiraha is angered and takes Aruto by the hand and brings him in front of Arisu. She tells him to look at Arisu. She says it was his fault she's like this. She tells him to pull it together... that he was being pathetic. This is not the brother she admires. She asks him to think about her. However, he drifts into some kind of dream land and he thinks all the events so far had been a dream; he sees a picnic with everyone, but something's not right; he then goes back to the scene (in ep. 5) when he and Arisu were trapped in a cave and she freed him from a vine-net with a kiss; but Arisu turns in Kiraha and he screams and runs. The scene fades out again and he sees the Alice Master and a little girl on a boat. She asks him to tell a story and hugs him... her eyes are Riddle's... he realizes that the Alice Master is not a descendant of Takion... he IS Takion... and Riddle is the Alice Liddell that he modeled Alice on. The Alice Twins tell him that Takion and Alice want eternal life.

Aruto snaps out of his dreamworld and he tells Kiraha that the Alice Master is the original Alternate L. Takion. Takion confirms this and he says he needs the stories in Kiraha and Arisu so that they can gain eternal life. He says that those that don't follow their roles are just eyesores. He tells Riddle to take care of them. Riddle brings out her key weapon, and she tells she'll fight Kiraha... however, there is something she must do first. She points her weapon at Takion, who is visibly surprised and frightened. "Why?!" he asks.

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