Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kagihime 12

I loved this episode. In a nutshell, Riddle explains how she planted the idea of the "Neverending Alice" story in Takion because he had stopped telling stories and she was afraid he'd dump her, and he came up with the rest of the game/story. He wanted eternal life; Riddle was looking for another person who could tell wonderful stories, and found him in Aruto. She kills Takion and fights and defeats Kiraha because she can now control the Alice world. Kiraha, before her story is taken, tells Aruto that Arisu was real, and kicks him out of his state of shock and he realizes he can affect the world by writing the Alice story. He frees Arisu, she takes away the story that Riddle had just taken from Kiraha, returns the book to Kiraha and togther they fight Riddle. Kiraha realizes that she's come to love everyone's companionship and that she'd grown as a person because of them and this game/story. She knocks down Riddle and rams her key in her heart, but Arisu stops her. She thinks Aruto is writing strange things in the story, but it is Arisu's will. She says she'll remain behind to protect the Alice world, and that it is something that both she and Aruto agreed on. Indeed, he said that he learned from her that it takes two to write a story. They hug and Aruto and Kiraha leave the Alice World. Back in reality, everyone's happy and things are normal, but Arisu isn't there. Aruto isn't sad, however; he knows that if he wants to see her, he just has to use his imagination. I wonder what twist episode 13 will hold...

And now, the pics with captions (click to enlarge):


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