Friday, March 24, 2006

Kagihime 9

The teammates don't really like Asuka's methods, and after another Alice-user has her darkest memories revealed, Kirika decides to quit. She's approached by Asuka, who seems to know she has a dark memory deep in her. Kirika buys flowers for a cemetary visit and we see by flashback that her parents died at an early age and that she was ostracized by others for being freakishly intelligent. One day, she is befriended by another Alice-user. But while playing hide and seek, she locked her friend in a coffin which was scheduled for cremation. At the church, where she's remembering this, Kirika is attacked by Asuka who succeeds in hitting her with a memory feather. The feather reveals that her friend, Lorina, did not actually die; she was saved at the last minute by church members, and she angrily slapped Kirika and stopped being her friend. So shocked was she by the loss of her only friend, in her mind she decided that she had died that day by cremation. Asuka succeeds in taking her pages, but Aruto and Kiraha arrive. He tries to save Kirika, but gets hit by Asuka's weapon and he drops his book that he was carrying (Kiraha was playing "keep away" with his book earlier when they felt that Kirika was in danger). Asuka takes Aruto's novel in progress and goes outside the church.

There, Kisa arrives and Asuka confesses that she had planned to take all their pages anyway all along; Kisa, though, seems stronger that she looked, so she sends out thousands of memory feathers at her. Arisu arrives suddenly and tries to block the feathers. Asuka laughs, thinking it will be of no use, but the feathers have no effect on Arisu. Asuka is stunned, but flees. Aruto and Kiraha get outside and he calls out to Arisu, but she doesn't hear him at first... she seems quite distracted and stares long at where Asuka disappears. Later, Kirika, who's lost her Alice powers, say she'll continue helping them in her own way.

At the end of the episode, she stops by the window display of a photo shop... she stares at the images of the family photos showcased there.

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