Monday, April 03, 2006

Yokai Ningen Bem Ep. 01

This is a remake of an anime of the same name done in the 70s. I used to watch this show as a kid, so it's really nostalgic for me. The premise is the same, but the stories are different. "Youkai" in Japanese, means something like, "spirit, ghost, supernatural creature," and "ningen" means "human." There's no good translation for "Yokai Ningen" ... The official English title is "Humanoid Monster Bem."

Yokai Ningen Bem is about Bem, Bera, and Bero, who are somehow formed from the same cell matter. They have the bodies and powers of supernatural monsters, but their hearts are filled with a sense of justice, and they will help protect humans from demons who are trying to take over the Earth. The demons believe it is their time to rule over Earth. They believe that if they keep helping people, they will one day themselves be able to become human.

In this first episode, we see their birth and their arrival at a new city; the city smells of evil spirits. Bero (the boy) is excited about making new friends and he runs off. Bera (the female) goes looking for the evil spirits (she also tries to look for a place to live, which is funny because she wants a huge place but has no money). Bero is immediately befriended by a spunky girl named Kira, who is glad that he scared off some punks who were being cruel to a cat. She invites him to his house where she feeds him sweets and gives him his first experience in playing video games. However, her mom, when she comes home, is not happy to see him. She notices his pointy ears and clawed hands and, Bero, reading the air, says it's time for him to go home. Kira chases after him, however, and says she'll show him around town.

Meanwhile, a demon (which looks like a large worm with an large eye in front) starts feeding on the lifeforces of people, going from one host to another. Bera spots it and using her whip, she exorcises the demon out. The demon is huge by this point, and goes on a rampage, sucking up humans in its wake. It spies Bero and Kira, and the two run for their lives. However, they are cornered at the edge of a cliff. Bero was told not to show his true from in front of humans, but he has no choice but to transform in front of Kira to protect her. When she sees his monstrous form, however, she screams and faints. The monster attacks, he takes her to a safe point and by this time, Bera has caught up. She transforms into her true monstrous form and attacks it, but the giant demon brushes her off easily. Bem finally comes to the scene. He throws his cane, which penetrates the demon's eye, and he transforms too. Bera hits the demon with an ice blast and Bem does a flying kick into the cane, causing the monster to explode. All the humans (and train) that it swallowed and strewn about the ground where the monster used to be (I assume they are all alive). The police arrive, and they think the three are responsible for all the damage. They escape.

Later that night, news coverage talk about the strange attacks and how the police believe three strangers were responsible. Kira's dad comments on it and the mom says there's no such thing as demons. She warns Kira again about talking or interacting with strangers. She can't sleep, as she thinks about Bero, and realizes that although he was monster, he tried to protect her.

The next day, Bera catches a newspaper that was flying in the wind. She reads how they are considered suspects. They wonder if the day will come when people will accept them and see them as good beings. Bero is despressed, thinking that he lost his friend. However, Kira is climbing up to where they are. Bero happily goes down to meet her. She's accepted Bero for who he is and wants to be his friend. Bero is overjoyed, and the Bem and Bera see some hope for the future.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the last episode even though they try to help evryone they never do become human, and the series ends why did it end? Did they not have enough money to finish it or is that just how id original ended?


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