Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blood+ Episode 23

Episode title: The Two Chevaliers

Haji attacks Solomon, bats erupt from the belfrey, opening animation starts. Red Shield members (David, Lewis, Kai and Riku) arrive at the Zoo. Satellite photos from 4 hours previously confirm Saya and Haji's presense in the Zoo but because it's a 100 acres big, they need to split up to find them. Meanwhile in Red Shield headquarters, Joel and a researcher talk. The researcher says "Their blood shows that they are not yokushuu, but I can't say that they're not related." (I'm not sure whose blood he's talking about, but I wonder if it's the Shifu (or Schiffs?)). More importantly, their discussion reveals that this Joel is definitely not the original Joel.. he is a direct descendent carrying out the original Joel's work. He took over 3 years ago when his father died. (Is he the third or fourth Joel?) He considers the Red Shield members his family.

Back on the Zoo grounds, Haji has pierced through Solomon's body and Solomon falls back. However, the wound closes up and Solomon ignores the attack. He introduces himself to Saya. He wishes to talk to her alone. He asks her to trust her and Saya asks Haji to let them talk alone. Haji reluctantly lets them go alone, saying if it's her wish. On a bridge, Solomon begins his talk to bring her to his side. He tells her the reason why this place was called the "Zoo." It was a research facility that collected animals from around the world to create new lifeforms. Saya and Diva were their crowning achievements. He said Joel Goldsmidt was the great mastermind. Saya can't believe it and says Joel was kind and caring, but Solomon suggests that it was just part of his calculations. He says she's been with humans too long. She says he knows nothing about her but he says he does because they are truly related by blood and that they are her true family... he asserts that she is here to confirm that and to break ties with her "false" family. Saya reacts emotionally against this, of course, saying that she is her father's (George's) daughter. But he wonders if her false family would still treat her the same once they know about her true self. He tells her of her long life and that she and Diva need to sleep in a cocoon for 30 years every few years. Meanwhile, Kai is searching for Saya. He comes upon a plate reading "1833" and he thinks back to his emotional outburst with David after finding about about Saya... about when she was born and about the monstrosity that was Saya and Diva's mother. Back on the bridge, Saya's beginning to fall under Solomon's words and Haji worries about Saya.

Back in the mansion, Solomon reminds Saya of when they first met at the ball in Vietnam. When they danced together, neither of them knew of each other and neither thought of each other as enemies. He also said that humans planted her with her false family to try to brainwashing her into believing in love. Saya reacts again against his referral to her family as being a "lie." She says she was happy with her family. He asks why the humans forced her to fight against those that share the same blood as her... he says that they're just using her and that her family is a lie. She refuses to accept those words and breaks down and cries. Solomon gently brushes the tears away from her.

Meanwhile, outside Kai and David meet up and Kai's having doubts about Saya... he's been shaken up by the truth about Saya and wonders if she's really on their side and if she was truly happy with them. But David says that if that's how he feels, it's better if he just leaves now... both for his own and Saya's good.

Back at the mansion, Solomon reveals that their "big brother" (Anschel) wants her dead, but he doesn't want to. If she sees their side and comes with him, he's sure Anschel will understand and let her be. He offers his hand and Saya begins to reach out, but Haji's voice stops her. "Don't go with him," Haji says simply. Solomon's annoyed and stands up. He says for a chevalier, Haji doesn't seem to understand. Haji says he just wants to grant Saya's wishes. "Too bad," says Solomon, and he attacks Haji. Solomon says he needs to "talk" a bit with Haji, and they leap out and fight in the woods.Outside, Riku hears a song and heads towards it. Saya's searching for the combatting chevaliers and she sees blue rose petals. She hears singing, gets a bad feeling and heads up the tower. Riku reaches the tower and he sees someone... "Saya!" he says, excitedly. Saya reaches the tower room and she sees someone with her own face, sucking on the blood of Riku. The sight triggers her memories from over 100 years ago when she saw basically the same scene with Joel being bitten in the neck by Diva. Diva releases Riku and looks up at Saya. Her eyes glow blue. End of episode.


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Syokhan said...

Just wanted to say 'thank you' for doing these summaries every week, they really help understanding what's being said ^^
So, thanks! (and yet another cilffhanger? Argh)

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this blog. Thanks for doing the blood summaries so fast! Poor Riku.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger WRex said...

Thanks! Just sharing with other anime enthusiasts. ^_^ I'd do them faster, but my girlfriend wants my attention in the evenings (when Blood + is played).

And yeah, poor Riku... let's hope he's not dead and that he doesn't become Diva's Chevalier. If Saya shares her blood with him, maybe Riku would become Saya's Chevalier (though that would suck... Riku would be frozen in kid form for all eternity...).

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Just that...

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