Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 23

Episode title: Fight of Seireiden (Seireiden no Tatakai)Shana and Wilhelmina fly to Seireiden. It's strange because no tomogara are there and they can sense the Reiji-Maigo clearly. They smell a trap but they enter the compound anyway. In a room, they are assaulted by hundreds of mechanical rinne belonging to the Professor. Although they quickly destroy the first few, they realize that their Power of Existence (sonzai no chikara) is being siphoned away. Meanwhile, Yuuji's memories begin to flow and he becomes aware of Hecate who wants more of his memories. Back in the room, Shana and Wilhelmina look like they're in bad shape... they've been hit by some arrows and there are still many of the mechanical rinne converging on them.

Below, Kazumi, Tanaka and Sato look upon Seireiden and the fountain of existence raining down on them. The earth begins to break apart. But Tanaka and Sato's magical communication devices activate; it's Margery! Tanaka is overwhelmed with happiness but Sato's pissed and is all business. Margery allows his insolence to pass and she gets them to direct her to an area of a strange spell effect in Seireiden. She charges up a genki-dama type energy ball and whips it to the source of the spell. The Professor's spell gets destroyed, and Shana and Wilhlemina's powers return, and they make short work of the remaining rinne.

Bel-Peol and Sydonay realize Margery has interfered and they decide to act. Sydonay goes after Margery while Bel-Peol takes on Wilhelmina and Shana. Wilhelmina tells Shana to go on ahead and destroy the Mistes with the Reiji-Maigo (Yuuji). But Shana says she won't destroy the Mistes, or rather Yuuji. She tells him that Yuuji gave her the name, and though she is a Flame Haze, she is not JUST a Flame Haze... there is another side to her that is Shana. She says it's her decision not to kill Yuuji but neither will she upset the balance of the worlds. Wilhelmina accepts her decision and says she trusts her. Shana goes ahead whle Wilhelmina faces off Bel-Peol, who has arrived. Shana runs toward Yuuji, and she tells Alastor that she loves Yuuji. Alastor accepts that.

Meanwhile, as Hecate is sucking up Yuuji's memories, he realizes that Shana has treated him as more than just a Mistes and that she cares for him. And although he was the one who named Shana and told her that she was not JUST a Flame Haze, he was actually treating her just as a Flame Haze. Shana arrives in the room where Hecate and Yuuji are. She says Yuuji's name and he's aware of her. Hecate doesn't want any interference from Shana and she prepares herself for battle. Next week is the final episode!

Pics (click to enlarge):
Hecate is fascinated by Yuuji's memoriesArmy of wacky mechanical rinne gang up on Shana and WilhelminaWilhelmina gets seriousShana slices up the rinne easilyBut it's hard to fight without the Power of Existence, and some arrows get throughShana still kicks butt thoughTanaka and Sato get a welcome callMargery's in a good moodCurses! Foiled again!Margery and Sydonay face offMargery puts on her game faceShana tells Wilhelmina her decisionBel-Peol is here to deal some painHecate wants no interruptionShana is here to save the day


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