Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 20

Episode title: Jigoku Shoujo vs. Jigoku Shonen (Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy)

This is my first post in a long while (I was vacationing on Maui), so I'll just make this quick (got a lot to catch up on). Basically, this episode starts with a "esper" (a telekinetic) named Watanabe, who moves a train car on a TV show. He is upstaged by the handsome Jill D'Enfer (wearing a Dracula-like cape and European tux) who challenges him. Unlike Watanabe, though, Jill seems to have real powers; he causes Watanabe to believe he has fallen to Hell and forces him to admit out loud that he is a fake.

Ai's helpers spy on Hajime and realize that Ai's been sending Tsugumi visions. They ask Ai about it, but she doesn't reply... however, Wanyuudo cautions the rest into not speaking so loudly about Ai's involvement with Hajime and Tsugumi in the presence of the "grandmother." Hajime, meanwhile, sees that Jill and Ai will become involved, so he speaks to Jill, and asks him to give a message to Ai: that sending people to hell is not right. Jill gives him a gift of a vision of Hajime falling under the collapsed headstone of his dead wife. Hajime realizes that he has real powers.

Jill, who calls himself the Jigoku Shonen, and a TV director manipulate Watanabe into calling upon the Jigoku Shoujo for vengence upon Jill. Watanabe evenutally does so, and Enma Ai falls into a trap... Jill is there to challenge her and the TV director is there to tape the battle for her TV show. Ai's helpers take care of the camera crew (the camera's can't see Ai anyway), but Jill immobilizes Ai's helpers and has his will with Ai. He even gives her a vision.... she sees cherry blossoms and herself falling; it obviously disturbs her. After crucifying her, dressing her up like a doll, he burns her. However, there is no harm to Ai-tan (as Watanabe calls her) as she rematerializes. Hone Onna wants her to fight back, but she says she can't do anything unless the contract is made by Watanabe. Still, Hone Onna says she should punish him to satisfy her feelings, but Ai says her feelings don't matter. Ai tells her helpers they're return to hell. Jill can't believe she'll just leave after all the things he did, but Watanabe says he'll pull the string. Jill taunts him for being a coward and doesn't think he'll do it, but Watanabe has had enough and pulls the string. A giant hand crashes through the walls and smacks down Jill. He is sent down to hell, held down by dozens of little demons. He laughs, as he says this is is second time (oh yeah, I forgot to mention... he was actually a boy with extraordinary powers, but he was feared by his parents who killed him and Jill fell to hell; however, because of his powers, he was able to return to Earth). This time, though, it looks like Ai will make sure he can't escape from hell.

The show ends with Ai sitting on her porch, trying to play her flute; however, she is still disturbed by the vision she received thanks to Jill. The grandma calls her in, but she sees the vision of a little boy... it is obviously someone she once knew, and it shocks her enough that she drops her flute.

Interesting things to note in this episode: Ai's helpers now know Ai's up to something with Haime and Tsugumi; the "grandma" is an entity they don't really trust; Ai's beginning to remember bits of her past.

Pics (click to enlarge):
This week's client: Watanabe, the fake telekineticIchimoku Ren spies on Hajime and TsugumiAi's helpers ask Ai about her involvement with H & T... she just practices her fluteJill makes his grand entranceAi calls forth Ichimoku Ren and Hone OnnaHone Onna and Ichimoku Ren are crucified by Jill's powersJill gets awfully familiar with AiAi receives a vision of falling amidst cherry treesJill crucifies Aiand dresses her up like a dollHe sets Ai on fireWatanabe pulls the stringThe giant hand of hell comes for JillJill is escorted to hellAi sees a vision of a boy she once knew.


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