Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 23

Episode title: Light of the Hospital Ward (Byoutou no Hikari)
Tsugumi receives many visions in this one and the target is a popular, attractive nurse named Kanako at a hospital. Hajime investigates. Spoiler points: Tsugumi receives disturbing visions which she can't quite figure out. Tsugumi tells Hajime once more that he should stop trying to interfere with the Jigoku Shoujo's work because those people have legimitate grudges and people deserve to go to hell. Nevertheless, Hajime investigates, but his investigations on the nurse Kanako turn up nothing; everyone loves Kanako and she seems to have no enemies. Finally, one night, as Hajime goes undercover as a patient, he and Tsugumi spy an old man blaming Kanako for his wife's death. Hajime offers to investigate, but later he tells the old man that the nurse is not to blame for his wife's death and that he should stop his idea of vengence. The old man doesn't know what he's talking about, and eventually Hajime discovers the old man doesn't know how to use the net.

Meanwhile, Tsugumi receives a vision that the nurse is falling to hell. Tsugumi tries to run toward her to save her but she can't. Kanako discovers Tsugumi in the middle of her trance, and later Tsugumi wakes up in a hospital bed. Kanako talks to her awhile and leavves with an apple in her hand. Later, in the hosptial hall, Tsugumi hears a bouncing noise, and sees the apple on the floor. Hajime arrives and Tsugumi says that Kanako has been sent to hell. Later, Hajime and Tsugumi spot a young man with a red thread in his hand.

Kanako wakes up on Ai's boat and Ai tells her she's being sent to hell. Kanako asks why and Ai tells her someone wished so and shows in image of the person, but Kanako doesn't know who it is. She naturally cries in anguish. Ai's voice sounds slightly emotional as she delivers her lines to Kanako. On the shore, Ai's helpers are watching and Ichimoku Ren comments how wonderfully Ai always does her duties. But Wanyuudo says that he can hear from Ai's heart how she really feels.

Hajime and Tsugumi discover the young man, apparently dead from an overdose... he has the hell mark on his chest. They don't know his reasons for sending Kanako to hell and Tsugumi cries after Hajime once more reiterates that sending people to hell is wrong. Then Tsugumi receives another vision... it's the cherry blossom, waterfall scene. She sees a boy and a younger girl playing. Then she sees Enma Ai. Ai asks her, "Do you know Sentaro?" End of episode.

Next week we see that there is a 400 year link between Ai and Tsugumi.

Pics (click to enlarge):
This week's target: Kanako, the angelic nurse This case is disturbing Ai This old man blames Kanako for the death of his wife The real client (Her vision) Tsugumi tries to stop an innocent from being sent to hell... but she's too late Ai's helpers comment on Ai's duties and feelings The real client has killed himself with drugs or poison Tsugumi cries out against the injustice Another vision Sentaro... and Ai? Ai talks to Tsugumi face to face...


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