Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo Ep. 21

Episode title: Yasashii Rinjin (Kind Neighbor)

This week's client is Yuko, someone that Hajime and Tsugumi knows. Apparently, a neighbor, acting kind and considerate, "helped" out Yuko's dad, but in the end, he tricked him into ruining the crops on his land, causing the dad to drink to death. Hajime tries to stop Yuko from taking vengence. In the end, he succeeds in convincing Yuko not to take vengence; however, things may not be fully resolved as Yuko, kicked out of her own home, has to go to foster home of some sort, where she spies a personal computer... the Jigoku Shoujo is not far away.

Another significant development is the growing difference in opinion between Hajime and Tsugumi. Tsugumi thinks taking vengence is all right, and the two have a big fight.

Ai also sees the vision of the boy again... she stares at him more calmly now, but after the boy disappears, she covers her mouth with her hand as if she wants to throw up... but then again, maybe she wanted to throw up because right after that, Wanyuudo shows up with trash all over him (Hajime had dumped the straw doll into the garbage). ^_^

Pics (click to enlarge):
Yuko and her dad in happier timesThe neighbor gain's Yuko's dad's trust by giving useful advice and manual helpTsugumi and Hajime have a difference of opinionsAi can see the vision of the mysterious boy more clearlyAi looks sick... is it because of the vision or because...Wanyuudo shows up reeking of trash ^_^Ai brings the hell doll to Yuko again... she decides to pull the sting, but is interrupted by Hajime, who says that Tsugumi is missing. The two search for Tsugumi outside in the pouring rain.
Eventually, Hajime finds Tsugumi; he's angry for making him worry; Tsugumi thinks he'll hit her, but he just hugs her fiercely.... seeing this family love, Yuko decides not to call upon the Jigoku ShoujoHajime think all's well, but the neighbor shows up with papers saying he owns the property now and that he's kicking out Yuko; Hajime's angry enough to pound him, but Yuko stops him and says she'll move out peacefullyYuko's at the foster home, but Ai's there too... the contract is still available in case Yuko changes her mind...


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