Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blood+ Episode 22

Episode title: The Zoo (Doubutsuen 動物園)

Saya and Haji walk through the old gates into the zoo spoken of by Anschel. On board the Red Shield headquarters, Riku and Kai are happy to hear that they can actively seek out Saya. Infomation shows that they need to head to "Point Origin"... the Zoo... the place where Saya was "born."

As Saya walks through the grounds, the memories begin to flood back. It begins with when a long-haired aristrocratic Saya first meets Haji, a bratty, angsty kid who is to be her friend. Saya says she was pretty selfish. Through her flashbacks, we see her ordering Haji about and him refusing. She complains to Joel, who tells her that they can't be friend that way. She must try to think about his feelings first and treat him more nicely. Anschel makes an entrance, agreeing with Joel. He says the two of them must... but Joel cuts him off. Later in the evening, we see that Saya's getting drinks of blood and Joel's checking on her health. Saya tells Joel that maybe if she teaches Haji the cello they'll become friendlier.
Saya teaches Haji, but her teaching methods still show no respect or geniune feelings of friendship. She orders him about again but he isn't cooperative. She tells him if he doesn't do as she says, she'll kick him out. He finally tells her he'll do whatever she says since he had been sold to them... he begins to cry. Saya is shocked and hugs him, saying she doesn't know what to do in this kind of situation; she is just mimicking what Joel did whenever she cried. She asks him how he feels and he just stares at their reflection in the mirror. Saya of the present comments that she didn't even know how to apologize at that time.
It seems that event has turned the two of them to become friendlier. While picking lilies (Joel's favorite flower), some goats appear. Haji gets along with them but they shy away from Saya. Saya says there are lots of animals in this place but none of them are their friends. Later in the evening, they are in a barn and Saya expresses how she doesn't see many people. Haji says that it's because she's so selfish. She buries him in hay. (Current Saya comments how Haji was always with him from that time.) Another day, Saya overcomes her fencing master. Saya says that when she becomes an adult, she says it's her dream to leave this place to explore. She asks if Haji will come with her, and he seems delighted. She proceeds to teach him fencing. Current Saya comments that ever since Haji came, life was really fun. But she wonders when that was.

Haji has turned into an adult and his cello playing has greatly improved. Saya is miffed that Haji not only can play better than her now, he is taller. She angrily tries to play the cello but some strings break and cut her finger. He tries to give her first aid but she says it's okay. Her cut heals immediately on its own. Later, Haji asks Joel about this and how she doesn't seem to age... he's also heard that the animals are used to give her blood. Joel says that the blood is for blood tranfusion. He says there a lots of things unexplained in the world, and he doesn't yet know Saya's mystery. Saya overhears this conversation. Later, while Haji and Saya are boating, she asks if he's afraid of her and she seems upset. She gets up, rocking the boat and Haji embraces her. She says that their hearts seem to move the same but their time seems to flow differently. Current Saya comments that the boat is no longer there... and she says that the current Haji looks like the Haji of that time... she ask why he's stopped aging. Then she looks at his demon hand; Haji looks toward the cliffs and she remembers... Saya realizes she's the one who'd stopped his time.

They are picnicking on the top of the cliffs. Saya wants to get Joel's birthday present... it's a red lily growing on the cliff-face. She begins to climb down, and Haji tells her to stop because it's dangerous. She says she possesses nothing so she doesn't have anything to give him. Haji climbs down himself to get the lily... it is precarious and he reaches out for a lily (there are 2). But Saya says she wants the other one...the one farther away. He reaches out for it, slips, and falls from the cliff. When Saya reaches him, his blood is all over the ground. She remembers Joel's conversation about blood transfusion. She cuts her hand, sucks the blood and tries to give him the blood mouth to mouth. Haji's convulses painfully, then stops. She can't hear his heartbeat and she's devastated. Current Saya relates that she ran to the mansion after the that, but found it burning. Everyone inside seems dead, including Joel. Saya asks what she had done. Says sees an image of the lower half a girl's face, blood dripping from her lips. Saya wonders out loud if it's herself... or... that girl... she sees the image of opening a locked door, the lock falling to the floor... the ruined tower... Saya saying, "Let's be friends" toward an upper tower window, and a blue rose falling to the ground... then hearing a song... "That girl... Diva? My sister?...." "Yes, she is your family" says a young man's voice. It is Solomon, stepping out from the tower area. "And she is our mother and our lover." "You are..." says Saya. "Did you regain your memories?" asks Solomon. End of episode. Next week it looks like Solomon's trying to entice Saya into cooperating with him.


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