Sunday, March 12, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 19-22

Episode titles: 19: Amidst the Battle (Tatakae no Naka de)

The "Professor" springs his trap/experiment, the Flame Hazes and their helpers converge. Yuuji yells at Khamsim for involving Kazumi, Kazumi and Shana overhear. Shana and Margery attack the Professor's rinne, Yuuji has some insight to the professor's plan, and the Flame Hazes listen and regroup. The professor appears over the city in an airship but Khamsim blows him out of the sky using a rock giant and a rock missile. More importantly, Kazumi has overcome her shock and tells Yuuji that to her, he is human and that she loves him. Those words touch Yuuji greatly. Shana sees some kind of feelings between the two and she runs off, devastated. She trips and falls and sees Wilhelmina.

Yuuji confronts KhamsimKhamsim's rock giant formsThe professor sees the end to his experimentKazumi confesses to Yuuji
Shana is shocked

Episode 20: Heartless Wilhelmina (Hijou no Wilhelmina)

Wilhelmina explains she's here because of the Reiji Maigo; it's attracting the movements of the Trinity so she wants to move it. She doesn't know Shana's close relationship with Yuuji but Yuuji's mom spots them and invites them into the house. As they talk, Wilhelmina slowly gets the picture, but not Shana's feelings. Margery decides to leave her two helpers, who are pissed and saddened. Yuuji realizes, meanwhile, that the remaining bird statues from the festival may still be dangerous and wants to speak to Shana. As he returns home to talk to Shana, Kazumi's presense and Wilhelmina's presense causes some trouble and he's unable to tell her. Later, Wilhelmina convinces Shana that they must destroy the vessel holding the Reiji other words, kill Yuuji, to defuse a dangerous situation. Wilhelmina attacks Yuuji as Shana stresses in her apartment.
Wilhelmina doesn't like Yuuji's mom much... she's been teaching Shana things unnecessary for a Flame HazeMargery writes her simple farewell note in lipstick
Yuuji is attacked by Wilhelmina

Episode 21: Faraway Feelings (Toozakaru Omoi)

Yuuji manages to break free of Wilhelmina's strands, and she sees that he has some power. She decides a stronger attack but Shana shows up to free him. They confront each other, but before they fight, Alastor says that Shana's here because the Mistes was useful in the past and seemed to want to inform them of something, so they should delay destroying him until after. Wilhelmina leaves them. Yuuji is dismayed that Shana refers to him as a Mistes and doesn't really know what Shana is thinking. He tells her of his fears of the remaining bird statues and says he's leaving town to keep it safe. Shana is confused about her feelings and can't tell him what's really in her heart. Yuuji is confused himself and thinks Shana may one day kill him. Anyway, they all gather to watch the burning of the rest of the bird carvings but the flames activate the trap... a spell to summon the Seirei Den. Bel Peol comes down and taunts Wilhelmina and Shana... Wilhelmina realizes that she's up to something and realizes the real target is Yuuji. Sure enough, Shudonay is there to grab him. She tries to destroy Yuuji before he does and throws a strand spear but Shana flies in the way and gets impaled by the spear instead. Yuuji sees this before he's grabbed and is taken away by Shudonay.
Shana helps Yuuji break freeShana is taken aback by Yuuji's declaration to leaveBel Peol distracts Wilhelmina and ShanaShana sacrifices herself for Yuuji

Episode 22: Flickering Flame (Yuragu Honoo)

Wilhelmina heals Shana. Meanwhile, Yuuji is being processed by Hecate. At first, he seems to have forgotten his circumstances but eventually, he begins to remember Shana and what had happened. He realizes that he must be more than just a mistes to Shana for her to put her life in danger for him, but just doesn't quite get the connection that she loves him. Hecate seems to be delighted to feel his human emotions and thoughts. As Shana and Wilhelmina prepare to attack the Seireiden, Tanaka and Sato bring the vampire sword, Blutsauger to Shana. She accepts it and she and Wilhelmina fly towards the Seireiden. Meanwhile, Margery is already there and finds it strange that most of the tomogara have left.
Shana recovers from her injuryTanaka and Sato bring the vampire sword to ShanaHecate is delighted by Yuuji's feelingsShana and Wilhelmina head towards the SeireidenMargery's about to kick some tomogara ass


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