Monday, March 13, 2006

Blood+ Episode 20

Episode title: Chevalier

Brief summary: Shifu enter Van Argeno's compound and slice up some yokushuu. One tastes the blood but is dissatisfied. Saya and Hagi head toward the zoo, but Saya's feeling confused and angry, and she hasn't eaten a thing in 3 days. She thinks she's a yokushuu and that everyone's been keeping things from her.

The members of Red Shield fly toward their headquarters, which is a large cruise ship. There, Kai insists on learning the truth about Saya and he's shown Joel's Diary; now there's no turning back for him. Anyway, at the headquarters, they learn that the real body of Liza's been found.

Meanwhile in France, Diva's chevaliers Solomon, James, and Nathan wait for Anschel to show up. They discuss how Saya was meant to be their bride while Hagi was supposed to be married to Diva. However, Red Shield turned Saya against them. Anschel makes his entrance, first in Liza's form, then back to his original form. He comes to the conclusion that as Diva's chevaliers, they must protect them, which means they need to kill Saya and capture Hagi for Diva. Solomon seems reluctant, but eventually agrees.

As Solomon ponders outside in the night, he is attacked by two Shifu. At first he seems to be able to handle them, but one cuts off his arm. Solomon then gets serious and (off-camera), he slices them to pieces, having Van Argeno come to take away their mess (and probably examine).

Pics (click to enlarge):
Shifu slice apart yokushuu in Van Argeno's compoundSaya's not feeling so hunky doryChevaliers James, Solomon, and Nathan meetLiza/Anschel makes his appearance besides the sleeping Diva
Solomon stops the initial attack of the ShifuSolomon gets seriousHagi caresses Saya's sleeping head


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