Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 12

Episode title: ゆりかごに花が咲いて (Yurikago ni Hana ga Saite: A Flower Blooms in Yurikago)

Basic stuff: Kazumi confronts Shana over their feelings for Yuuji and our nasty brother and sister tomogara lay a trap for Shana. See below for a more detailed summary (spoilers).

Pics (click to enlarge):
This week's new eyecatch
Shana is blown away by Kazumi's words
When it comes to matters of love, Kazumi's got the "eye of the tiger"
The way these two cling to each other creeps out Shana
He may look wimpy, but he carries a big sword
Shana's hurt, but not down
A bit tied up...
Going for a big flame attack
Is this it for Shana?

Summary: Kazumi awakes early, mired by her thoughts about Yuuji and Shana, and she decides to walk her dog. However, she sees Yuuji and Shana on top of a hill and realizes that they have some kind of bond. At school, she relays her fears and frustration to Hayato, who lays into Yuuji during lunch about playing with people's feelings. But Kazumi tells him to stop; that she didn't ask him to do this, and runs off. Later, Yuuji and Hayato talk, and Yuuji asks if Hayato likes Hayato. Kazumi is berating herself for being an idiot, then sees Shana. Shana asks why she ran off. Then Kazumi said it's unfair; she says, "you like Yuuji don't you? It's unfair that you don't have to say anything but can stay by his side always." She asks if Shana has ever told Yuuji that she likes him; well, she'll tell him that she likes him. "No," says Shana, but Kazumi says she'll tell him that she loves him. "But I too l-" starts Shana, but they get interrupted by the magical field created by the tomogara. Shana's furious that this "battle" was interrupted, and she goes off to fight the tomogara.

Meanwhile, Tanaka and Sato ask Marjorie if she's going to fight the tomogara, but she says that they're not after her, so she won't. But they keep bugging her and she begins to give in. Shana tells Yuuji to hide, because these tomogara are so strong, he could get offed in a second.

Shana faces off brother and sister tomogara pair Sorato and Tirieru. They tell him they're going to take her sword, Nietono no Shana. They start fighting, and Shana fights with great power, but the pair are extremely powerful. She manages to slash Sorato into smithereens, but he reforms in a few seconds. She realizes that the source of their power is elsewhere, grows her flame wings, and goes off in search for their power source. Meanwhile, Yuuji decides it's better that he try to do something instead of just hiding and runs toward Shana's direction. Shana flies high above the city and she sees a giant flower (like a sunflower) in the middle of the city. Shana sees this as their power source and sends a flame slash to destroy it... but the Tirieru laughs; apparently, Shana's fallen under a trap; a magical circle appears around her and Shana screams in pain. Later, she's shown suspended in air by the plant tentacles of Tirieru and the magical circle that trapped her. End of episode.

Comment: I like the dual battle; the love battle and the supernatural battle.


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