Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kiba 02

Episode title: A New World (Atarashii Sekai)

Zed gets into trouble in a new world and learns a little more about shardcasters and spirits. Detailed summary following the pics (click to enlarge):
Zed wonderment of feeling the wind is interrupted by the monsters sandwiching him. As he runs for safety, the unnamed shardcaster and Jiico fight and in a minute Jiico disables his opponent and Jiico's dragon-like spirit cuts the enemy's spirit in half. The spirit turns into a sphere which Jiico takes (can anyone say, "pokemon"?). Zed loses consciousness and dreams of his favorite place in Calm and seeing Noa again (though in child form), when Noa first met him. Then he sees the assassin who called him a fledgling shardcaster, his mom, and then a bloody Noa again, but hands take him away. Zed wakes to see the cute face of Roiya.

Roiya introduces herself and Jiico, and ask him where he's from. Zed says he's from Calm, and Roiya tells him this place is called Tenpura. He's strongly attracted to the sight of the tower in the distance. Roiya tells him it's the castle's windmill. He runs toward him, making Roiya wonder what he came here for.

At the base of the windmill, he's questioned by authorities because of his suspicious looking clothing. They try to arrest him, but he resists. But before he can get into more trouble, Jiico knocks him out and he and Roiya take him to see Sebastian. When Zed wakes, Sebastian, having investigated, concludes that Zed has somehow shifted dimensions from one world into another... one's who are capable of "shifting" are shardcasters. Zed asks if he's a shardcaster. Sebastian explains that in this world, it is the duty of shardcasters to protect others. Meanwhile in the forest, a spirit attacks a shardcaster, and as he tries to take out his own spirit, he gets stabbed in the back and a cloaked figure takes the sphere containing his spirit. Back in Sebastian's room, Zed wants to wander off again, so Jiico gives him a weapon and an energy sphere, which is absorbed into one of the circles on his hand. Jiico says (or thinks), "Boy, if you're fated to be a shardcaster, you'll soon need what I just gave you. Feel your inner self and discover your path yourself." Sebastian comments he smells danger from the boy. As he sees Zed run, Jiico thinks, "One day the wind will stop blowing; when that happens, what will you do?"

Zed's hanging out in a high place, pondering fate and what it is to be a shardcaster. He is interrupted by shardcaster authorities who deem him to be suspicious and tell him to come down. Zed tries to run, one finds him on a rooftop, and activates his lightsaber using an energy sphere. Zed copies him, and finds his own sword activated. They fight, fall to the ground, and Zed overpowers the man. However, he's surrounded by over a dozen shardcaster authorities, but overhead a spirit appears and knocks away the shardcasters. Roiya is nearby and she tells Zed to follow her. The cloaked figure taking shardcaster's spirits sees them and smile greedily. On the run, Zed asks Roiya if she's a shardcaster. She says "yes" and Zed surmises that Jiico is also a shardcaster. Roiya says that once they cross the wooden bridge ahead, they'll be safe. However, the path is blocked by a husky shardcaster authority. Roiya is dismayed, and says it's Dumas, the Shardcaster Champion. Zed is delighted to hear that he's the strongest. Dumas says that he can't let someone run after causing havoc in town. Zed answers that he did nothing wrong and that it was the authorities who made a big fuss over nothing. Dumas challenges him and Zed goes flying with his lightsaber. Dumas easily blocks it and with a single punch, knocks him out.

When Zed comes to, he's in a prison cell, and Jiico is in the process of freeing him. Zed asks about Roiya, and Jiico says she's in a different cell as she's being held for trying to help him. He says she'll be free once the charges are cleared. But Zed said he did nothing wrong and she wasn't guilty of anything either. He asks where the cell is, Jiico smiles. Then we see Zed scaling a tower, break the bars of the cell from outside and tell her to run. The authorities chase them, she summons her spirit, they latch on and fly away. She says her spirit's name is Asukaru (or something like that). He asks if all shardcasters have spirits, but she says only a few can have spirits and that once you have that ability, one must try to become stronger. Zed thinks back to the creature he saw before he left Calm, and wonders if it was a spirit.

On the outskirts of the city, Roiya's spirit is returned to sphere form, and the cloaked figure appears, saying it's a wonderful spirit. She asks who he is, and he says he's not worthy of giving a name... he just wants her spirit. She looks at the tattoo on his face, and says he's from Jimotto. He tells her to hand over the spirit if she doesn't want to get hurt. But of course, she shows her weapon in reply. He brings out his spirit, which looks like a toad, she brings out hers, which quickly overpowers the toad, but he brings out another spirit, which chokes Asukaru from behind. Zed attacks the second spirit with his lightsaber but gets knocked away and the spirit turns its attention on Zed. Roiya yells his name in concern and the thug grabs her from behind. He says by killing her, her spirit will be his. The spirit is going for the kill, and Zed wonders if the wind will stop blowing. He thinks, "Tell me, who are you?" Suddenly, light erupts from Zed, blowing the enemy spirit back. Zed's spirit appears overhead, the same one that lead him to this world. It quickly chops off the head of the spirit that was attacking Zed, and when the toad spirit tries to attack with its tongue, Zed's spirit strikes it with a bolt, which not only goes through the body of the toad spirit, but also that of the cloaked figure, killing him. The wind blows fiercely, a masked figure watches from the windmill, and Sebastian asks Jiico if he's seen that. Zed looks up, and asks, "Are you my spirit?" then loses consciousness.


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