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Blood+ Episode 26

Episode title: One Who Must Serve Saya (Saya ni Shitagau Mono)

As Blood + has hit its 26th episode, there is another change in the opening and ending animations. The opening song is sung by UVERworld and is titled "Colors of the Heart." The ending theme is "This Love," and is sung by Angela Aki. This episode features Riku's eventual discovery he's no longer human and an attack by the Shifu.

Summary follows the pics (click to enlarge):
The show begins with Kai visiting Riku. Riku's tired of being babied and all the tests he has to endure. He wants to see Saya. Back in France, Diva's tearing apart a bunch of toys while Solomon and James meet; Solomon asks him if he doesn't feel that Anshel isn't hiding anything... especially concerning the Shifu. James says he feels whatever Anshel is doing, he's doing it for the sake of Diva. He questions if Solomon isn't planning on betraying them, citing his recent jaunt to meet Saya. The scene focuses back on Diva, who forlornly says out loud that she wants to meet (him) again (I think she's referring to Riku). The new opening plays.

On board Red Shield headquarters, Kai discovers Riku doesn't have much of an appetite. Kai thinks if they make an Okinawan soup he'll get his appetite back. Lewis reports to David, and David comments Kai should know better since he read Joel's Diary. David checks in with Julia, and she reports that Riku's body seems normal, but he should have the same strength and abilities as Haji but can't confirm it. Lewis is surprised to hear that, considering how small Riku is, but she says that the size of his body or muscles shouldn't matter.

Out on the deck, Haji asks Saya if she's having regrets. She says she doesn't know what kind of face she needs to make in front of Riku or what to talk about with him. Haji kneels and says that she's making the same kind of face now as she made after she stopped Haji's time those many years ago. Haji tells her to just be herself and that he'll always serve her... as will Riku. Saya then worries about Kai. Speaking of Kai and Riku, Kai's taking Riku around in a wheelchair. Riku wants to walk around as he's capable, but Kai continues to baby him, and Riku's getting tired of Kai being overprotective. Riku then asks him what happened at the Zoo as he doesn't really remember well. Kai can't answer him, of course, and Riku sees Saya and Haji. He's excited and he runs to see her. He complains to her how Kai treating him like a baby, and though Saya says he's just worried, Riku says Kai's just afraid of letting go of his brother. He tells her there are lots of things on the ship and wants to see them; Kai encourages it, and Saya and Kai go off. Haji asks Kai to leave Riku to them; that it would be for the best. Kai thinks back to his discussion with David, where David told him Riku's different now, that what Riku needs now is Saya... and human blood. But Kai's in denial.

Meanwhile, near the port, the Shifu have gathered. The Shifu Irene, who has far senses, can feel Saya nearby. The seven of them will attack Saya and Haji soon.

That evening, Riku finds he can't sleep and gets out of bed. Kai wakes and asks him where he's going. Riku says he's thirsty and was planning to get some water. Kai says he'll get it for him, and Riku is annoyed and tells him to let go, and he leaves angrily. Later, Kai's on an upper deck staring at the moon and Haji appears to talk to him. Riku tells him how he can't sleep and don't feel hungry. He also mentions how Kai and Says are treating him overly kindly, and how it seemed like they were hiding things from him. He asks who is the person he saw at the Zoo, and Haji answers that it's Diva, their enemy that them must defeat. Haji says he'll understand one day. Suddenly, Riku feels something dangerous and Saya wakes up as well. The Shifu are on board, cutting apart the Red Shield humans. Saya calls Haji and tells Riku to hide. Kai prepares his dad's gun. The Shifu gather; Karman is antsy, but Moses tells him to relax as the humans are nothing to worry about and Saya only has one Chevalier. Irene detects that Saya and Haji are on the highest point of the ship. She also detects something else, but is told to ignore it.

Saya and Haji are waiting for the Shifu on the ship's heliport. They arrive and Saya pulls out her new blade. Kai arrives on the scene and sees Saya and Haji in the heat of battle. After some cool sword battles, David and his men arrive and try to help out, but they are just Shifu-meat. Riku's running up toward the scene as well, and one of the men fall dead near him in a pool of blood. It triggers a reaction from Riku and his mouth opens like he wants to feed. A Shifu lands nearby and Kai comes by to help him. The Shifu easily blocks his bullet and goes for a killing strike, but is saved by Saya's intercepting sword. Saya tells Kai to take Riku and flee, but as they do, another Shifu (Karmon) goes to attack Saya. Riku sees that and runs back and grabs Karman's spear. Karman throws Riku and stabs him with his spear. Kai screams and Saya sees what's happened. Karman tries to attack Saya but Haji intercepts him. Saya goes to Riku, horrified. His wound is already beginning to heal and Irene realizes that he's a Chevalier. One of the Shifu thinks this is a good opportunity to attack, Haji tries to stop him, the Shifu evades him by leaping into the air, but Saya comes out of nowhere and cuts him in half and he falls into the ocean. The overwrought Karman's about to attack Saya, but the more level-headed Moses stops him. He says there's something different about Saya, and now there is an extra Chevalier. He tells everyone to retreat, and they leave. Riku comes to and tells Kai that he's no longer the Riku of before. Kai yells that he is still Riku, but Riku correctly says that he's the same as Haji. Then Riku writhes in agony, clutching his throat. He stares at the bloody corpses and says he's thirsty. David says that Chevaliers need blood after recovering from a devasting wound. He'll tells Lewis to contact Julia. But Kai rips open his shirt and pulls Kai to him. He says that he's his brother and that he'd take care of him. Riku feeds on him. After awhile, Riku comments how warm his brother is. End of episode.

From next week's previews, it looks like they're hunting for the Shifu.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! And I thought this ep's a quiet one. oh poor Riku again.. He'd accepted his fate.. props for Kai such a good brother ^-^
What's this about Diva wanting to see Riku again? hmmm...something's fishy... I love love the OP scenes, the pictures are pretty!

Thanks for the summary again.


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous lacus said...

yay~ kai proves himself to be useful! XD
i'm REALLY having doubts about saya: the opening showed her as a crazy killer instead of diva. hmmm..

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a blood sack for riku isn't exactly useful. Also how pathetic red shield is they can't even handle weak shifu or beast chiropterans and they have been figting them for a 100 years? if they are humanities hope humanity lost before it started geez no one in red shield is skilled at all

At 12:34 AM, Blogger WRex said...

You guys make a good point about Red Shield being virtually ineffective even after having so much information and fighting yokushuu for over a hundred years. It shows they are only backup for Saya herself... I wonder how they survive when she's hibernating for 30 years.

But then again, I wouldn't call the Shifu weak... they are almost like Chevaliers.

As for Saya being a crazed killer... hmm, maybe she has to become a little tougher and cold-blooded in order to fight against Diva and her powerful Chevaliers. Personally, I liked the image in the opening; it reminded me of the Saya from the OVA.

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

back up? back ups are supposed to be effective and the red shield sadly is not they don't assist saya they are just slowing her down. they are merely meat.

proper examples of back would be the chopper that arrives in Resident Evil 4 near the end

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kai's screaming is starting to get on my nerves and I feel like smacking him in the head to make him accept all that's happened by now. Hopefully the next episode will do something to that effect.

At 3:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good summary and i like the episode. are Saya's combat abilities raising?
Will Riku be a chevalier as good as Hagi. The new opening is awesome.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger WRex said...

Yeah, I'd say Saya's abilities are improving.. her latest combat against the Shifu was impressive.

I'll no longer be posting stuff here, so check out my new blog site:

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, yah i saw this episode.
sum ppl already have their hands on the newest episodes like 27-31 or mayb i got the info wrong, but yah episode 26 was ok. im a huge fan of Haji and Saya-but yah yah the whole thing that they r like family lol i want them to b more! lol anywayz i find Kai usually very annoying, well his voice actor's at least...and his character and now riku has become 'one who obeys saya' her chevailer, but i hope this wont cut out the Haji and Saya
the op and endings r gettin better lol^^ nice


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've seen episodes 27-30 already and it was great. i'm terribly hooked with this anime and can't wait for the other episodes!

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to bother, but does anyone know the name of the song that starts at about 50 seconds into this video? and it ends just before the opening begins. i really need to know >.<


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