Monday, April 10, 2006

Kagihime 13

Well, after seeing this, I'll have to say that episode 12 was the true final episode. Think of this one as a fanservice episode. It was funny, bizarre, and looked like an RPG at times. Enjoy the pics, and I'll explain what this was at the end (click on the pics to enlarge):
So as you could probably surmise from the pics, the entire episode was just Aruto's story he was telling Kiraha. As I mentioned it earlier, I think this is like a fanservice episode, showing the unused Alice-users we see on the ending animation. I gotta say that this show grew on me, and I enjoyed it. I'm planning on buying the R2 DVDs (the first comes out at the end of April) and the manga as well (I think there are only 3 volumes). I hope it'll be licensed and released to R1 DVDs.


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