Monday, April 10, 2006

Yokai Ningen Bem 2

Episode 2's title is "Carriage to Hell" (Jigoku e no Basha). Quick summary following the pics (click to enlarge): Some teens release a supernatural creature: the carriage used to send people to Hell by Death. It swallows the dumb teens. Bem identifies the creature (named "Durhan"), confronts it, and asks why it's taking people who are not ready to die. Durhan answers that it will be free from servitude to Death if it can swallow 10 million souls; however, it needs to do it by the 100 millionth full moon, which is the next night. If it can't do so, the counter will go back to zero, so it's swallowing all the people it can; it only needs one more. Bem fights it, of course, but gets injured trying to warn away a police officer. He's able to injure Durhan also, however, so it goes back to hiding.

Meanwhile, Kira has a plan to make her parents understand that Bero's not bad; she wants them to meet at a parade the next night. Bero gets ready, but her parents say they'll go to a concert instead of the parade. Kira can't contact Bero because he has no phone. The next day she tries to find him but he's elsewhere looking for her. At the concert, she agonizes and decides to meet Bero. She leaves a note for her parents saying she'll return by the concert's end. Bero, meanwhile, thinks that maybe she's in danger from Durhan. It eventually turns out to be true as he has to save her from being the 10 millionth victim. He tells her he needs to transform as he only has a third of his strength in his "human" form. He's thrilled to hear that she doesn't mind. However, even after transformed, Durhan the Hell Carriage catches up with them. Fortunately, Bem and Bera arrive on the scene and eventually defeat Durhan, freeing all the people it had swallowed.

Kira asks Bero to wait outside the concert grounds as she'll bring her parents to him. They don't listen to her, however, and force her to ride home in their limo. As they drive out, she sees Bero waiting patiently. He'll continue to wait long after the gates at the hall closes, unfortunately. End of episode.


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