Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blood+ Episode 18

Episode title: Ekatarinburg MoonThe show opens with an aged man visiting a sick colleague in a hospital. He says he got a letter from another colleague and that he'll go and visit his son Andre. Hyde's opening song/animation starts. The show properly starts with a frustrated Kai trying to force apart a metal puzzle. Julia watches with amusement, and advises that he try it gently. She takes the puzzle from him and says, "Look from the other person's view (the puzzle maker's). After you think about what the person's trying to do, follow his intentions in reverse, and you'll able to solve the problem. It's the same for love." David and Lewis enter at that point (poor Julia... will she and David ever hook up?) and they have news about Saya. Apparently, they were in a small town called Chumen, but they were on their way by train and that they were expected to arrive. In the meantime, they have a mission.

They take Kai along and they're after a man named Ted Adams, who's a blood researcher. He was doing research in Vietnam with a number of other researchers, and they defected to the USSR. They were involved with Delta 67. Kai sees David with his dad's gun, and he demands he give it back. David doesn't give him the gun. He says he still doesn't understand the weight of the gun.

They arrive at Ted's residence and make Kai watch the car. Kai spends the time remembering Julia's words and is surprised when he solves the puzzle. Lewis soon returns and says they've got a job for him.... Kai has to tape together a shredded letter and envelope. David and Lews find a photo of the researchers in front of a research facility. They also find clues to their next place: the hospital where Ted was at earlier. There they find Philip Rozenbaum, Ted's colleague, who's in poor health. David tries to force him to talk, but Philip just says, "I'm sorry Andre... it's all my fault... please let him see the moon..." But they also find an photo identical to the one found in Ted's residence, but this one clearly shows the name of the building. At the building, Ted has arrived; he turns on the lights and says, "Andre." There is a huge concrete block suspended in chains.

Ted lowers the block. There is a stony visage of a yokushuu half embedded in the block. David & co arrive at the building and find bombs throughout the building. David finally gives Kai's dad's gun to him. He tells him to remain at the top while he and Lewis go below. He says that if he and Lewis don't return after a certain time, he is to return and wait for Saya. What he does after is his own decision.

Down below, they see the yokushuu licking blood from his claws. Ted Adams is lying in a pool of blood nearby. They fire shots at the yokushuu and David tries to get Ted. However, the yokushuu rips into David's back. Lewis fires more rounds into it and he and David carry Ted to the elevator. Ted comes to, and asks who they are. David replies that they are Red Shield. David asks him if he created the yokushuu below. Ted replies that it is his son, and that he was changed into the monster during the Vietnam War as a Delta 67 experiment. He said they were blood researchers, and that their cover was that they were trying to research ways to preserve blood for the soldiers; however, they were actually doing research on special blood... blood carried in the children of the three researchers (I think). He also mentions an unforgettibly beautiful girl.

The yokushuu meanwhile, has caught up with them and David and Lewis fire shots at it. However, they soon run out of ammunition, and David has one shot left. But he hears shots; it's Kai. As the elevator reaches the top, the yokushuu heads toward Kai as he's firing the shots. Kai takes a cannister of gasoline and throws it at the yokushuu who catches it with its mouth, spilling the gas all over itself and on the ground. Kai tries to shoot it to ignite the gas, but he's out of bullets. Fortunately, David fires his last bullet and the yokushuu lights on fire. It looks up and sees the full moon through an opening in the roof of the building. It then falls to bottom.

Ted finishes his story. He was made to meet the originator of the special blood... an extremely beautiful young girl... but also someone extremely deadly to humanity. He asks to blow up the building; the detonator is in his car. They follow his request. Kai suggests they bury Ted so that he could be with his son. Suddenly, David collapses... he has finally succumbed to the wounds he'd received from the yokushuu. Kai is taken aback by the scars of other wounds. Lewis said David was the only survivor of his squad that got wiped out by yokushuu during a war. He had vowed to keep fighting them till his last breathe.

Meanwhile on the train to Ekatarinburg, Saya folks are having a pleasant time. Riku sneezes; he may have caught a cold. Saya thanks Liza for taking care of the transportation. Liza smiles and says she is glad to be of use.

In the next week's preview, we hear Liza's voiceover asking Saya why she fights... is it for her self, or is she just following orders? She will find out.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Julia shows how to solve the puzzle lockThe yokushuu in a cubeDavid finally gives Kai the gunReviving from blood of his dadFinger lickin' good?Kai tries to be of some useOn fireNot a supermanSaya's thankfulLiza's mysterious smile


At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG is David dead!? That's quite early in the game...I thought he'd stay around until the even the main Red Shield members are safe...

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Omni said...

Shouldn't it be spelled Phillip Rosenberg? That's what the envelope that Kai pieced together said (and what I ended up going with).

At 3:26 PM, Blogger WRex said...

David's not dead, he just lost consciousness from his injuries.

Omni: ah, I wrote up the summary quickly, so I didn't pay attention to details. Thanks, I'll edit the name later after I get back from work today. ^_^


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