Friday, February 10, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 18

Episode title: 砕ける願い (Kudakeru Negai; Broken Wish)
Lots of developments in this one: Keisaku and Eita wish to go wherever Margery goes and serve her (she plants the vampire sword Blautsauger to see if they can pull it out as a test... they can't). Thanks to Chigusa, Shana thinks Yuuji will be surprised and delighted to see her in a yukata and waits for him to come home from school but he doesn't. Kazumi wants to confess her feelings to Yuuji at the festival, but before that wants to see if he's a regular human or a torch. Margery, Eita and Keisaku go to the festival and is spotted by Ogata Matake, who has a thing for Eita. Shana and Chigusa go to the festival looking for Yuuji. And the tomogara Dantalion prepares his trap for the Flame Hazes and Yuuji, who has the reiji maigo inside him.

Dantalion unleashes his trap. Kazumi looks through the hougu jetatoura and finds out Yuuji is a torch, freaks out, and runs away. Shana spots Yuuji and tries to stop him from going after Kazumi to fight the tomogara threat, but his priorities seem to be in trying to comfort Kazumi. Shana, confused because she loves Yuuji and is jealous of Kazumi but doesn't realize it, tells Yuuji that Kazumi has nothing to do with them, that they should care less about her. Yuuji is taken aback by her words and yells her name harshly and says that he can't believe she'd said that. Shana's shocked by his tone of voice and let's go of his arm. Yuuji runs off, looking for Kazumi, and Shana stands in the middle of the festival grounds, head down. A little girl asks if she's hurting somewhere; it's obvious that Shana's crying. She finally runs off and encounters the Flame Haze Khamsim. He's begins to talk to her but stops, speechless, as he realizes she's crying.

Meanwhile, Eita and Keisaku decide to run to find Margery, but Eita gets stopped by Ogata. She pesters him to asking what his relationship is with Margery, he lies, she knows it, he asks why she's so concerned, and she blurts out her confession that she's in love with him. Margery, at that moment, form a fusetsu.

Shana rids herself of her tears, and Khamsim explains to Shana what he's doing. He tells her of his assistant, who happens to be Kazumi. Shana says she understands, and says she'll retrieve her for him. Alastor asks Shana if she's okay, and she says she's fine, and that she'll carry out her duties as a Flame Haze. But as she runs, she can feel her heart is heavy.

Eita tells the frozen Ogata that he'll properly respond to her confession later and runs off. Meanwhile, Dantalions energy birds fly around and some go after Kazumi, some go after Keisaku. Yuuji sees Keisaku, wonders how he's moving in a fusetsu, and runs to help him. Shana saves Kazumi from the energy attacks and an energy field builds around Yuuji, and he shields Keisaku from the bird energy attacks. Now Kazumi kinda knows about Shana and Yuuji and Keisaku are aware of their involvements too. Meanwhile, Dantalion is cackling with glee and he says the fun is just beginning.

Pics (click to enlarge):
Like Arthur trying to pull out Excalibur, Eita tries to pull out Blautsauger so that he can be worthy enough to always help Margery. Both Eita and Keisaku fail (and the sword will eventually fall into Yuuji's hands anyway).Shana is dressed in a yukata for the festivalMargery, wearing her yukata sure to shock everyone around her, arrives at the festival grounds with Eita and KeisakuMore of Margeryer... and one more...Kazumi, looking through the jetatoura, discovers that Yuuji is a torchThe truth is too much to bear for herShana tries to prevent Yuuji from going after KazumiShe sheds bitter tearsOgata screws her courage to tell Eita she loves himYuuji protects KeisakuShana protects KazumiDantalion laughs in glee

Well, all the secrets out of the bag. Yuuji is such a blockhead, but I guess many young people are not aware of the feelings of those around them.


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