Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shakugan no Shana 17

Episode 17: 新たなる序章 (Aratanaru Joshou: A New Prologue)

I was a bit busy, so I was unable to watch this till late. Basically, this episode covers everyone's feelings, the Trinity's (of Tomogaras) scheming, and the introduction of a new Flame Haze, Khamsim Nbh'w, a "tuner" (a Flame Haze that takes care of imbalances in the world).

I won't go into a detailed summary, but highlights include Shana learning how to cook from Chigusa (Yuuji's mom), Kazumi inviting Yuuji out to a local festival the next night, Khamsim choosing Kazumi to help him, Kazumi learning the truth about the world (how some people are torches), Kazumi's fears that her family or Yuuji may be torches (her family's not), Alastor's suggestion that Shana and Yuuji leave town because his "treasure" (the reiji maigo inside him) will most likely attract strong forces, bringing harm to innocents, and Wilhelmina sensing big things about to happen and her decision to head toward Shana and Yuuji.

Pics (click to enlarge):
The Flame Haze Gisou no Karite (Implementer of Ceremonial Equipment) Khamsim Nbh'w arrives in town and gazes through the hougu Jetatoura, which can show torches.
One of the Trinity: Hecate
The other members of the Trinity, Bel-Peol and Sydonay
Shana's first attempt in making tamagoyaki (egg roll) doesn't go so well.
Khamsim tries to recruit Kazumi into helping him (he needs a local, and he's sensed she's had contact with strong spiritual forces (Shana & Yuuji))
Shana trains Yuuji to control his flow of the "power of existence"
My favorite Flame Haze Wilhelmina Carmel senses a big conflict coming up and heads toward it


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