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Blood + Episode 16

Episode title: Siberian Express

Basic plot: Saya & co. head toward Europe via the Siberian Express train through Europe. Along the way, they get attacked by yokushuu. Pics and detailed spoiler below:

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
They meet Red Shield's Russian agent, Liza.
Riku and Haji help an elderly woman with her luggage
Notice her ring... they made it a point to make the jewel flash
Anyway, Saya's happy to see Riku's honest kindness
A shot of Julia... well, because ^_~
Saya's so cute
The nude body of a woman is thrown off the train... blood drips from bite marks on her neck
Later, Liza walks into her room... hmm... where did she get that ring?
Saya makes no hesitation to battle the yokushuu who make an unwelcome appearance on the train
Haji battles one of them
A surprise move from Saya
Lost in the snow

Story summary:
Elizabetha (Liza), a Red Shield member in Russia, welcome Saya and the rest. They will take the Trans-Siberian railway to get to Ekatarinburg (dunno why). They see an elderly woman struggling with her bag and Riku goes over and offers to help. He slips, though, but Haji is there to catch him. Haji takes the luggage on board and Riku takes the hand of the old lady (and we see she's wearing an ornate ring with a large blue stone) to help her on board.

Onboard, Kai is complaining loudly about the compartment seatings... he rants about Saya being with Haji. David thinks that's the best, but because he keeps whining, they change rooms... and Kai ends up with Haji in the same compartment... he's still not happy, of course. Lewis thinks having Kai along is a barrel of laughs, and David chides him for being too relaxed. "Why, there are no yokushuu in Russia, right?" he says. "No, it just means there have been no reportings of any yet."

The next day, they are eating in the dining compartment. Lewis has received a box of chocolates as a bribe to introduce Julia and Liza to two young men, but Liza shoots them down. Riku spots the old lady he helped the other day and asks if she wants to join them. Haji graciously gives up his seat so that she can sit with them. They exchange pleasentries and destination points. At the other table, Liza explains that why she became a red shield member (she was the soul survivor from a massacre by yokushuu). She leaves the table.

In the evening, we see Liza in the bathroom taking off an earring... she turns her head as if she feels a presense behind her. The scene cuts to the racing train, then a nude body of a short haired woman gets thrown off the train. The camera pans to her head, and we see bite marks on her neck.

Meanwhile, Saya is in Julia's room and Saya's hooked up to a blood transfusion bag (don't know if Julia's collecting or giving). Saya asks if Julia knows anything about her past, especially Vietnam, but Julia evades answering her question. She said she doesn't know for sure; all she has are Saya's records. She says it'd be best if Saya remembered her memories herself.

Meanwhile, Haji's playing his cello, and motions to Riku to give it a try. Riku is happy at the chance and Haji gives him gentle instructions.

Liza enters the room she shares with Julia and sees Saya. Julia says they're using her bed and Saya apologizes. "Don't worry about it," replies Liza, brushing back her hair. She's wearing an ornate ring with a blue jewel.

In another compartment, we see the two young men that tried to get themselves introduced to Julia and Liza. They're writhing in pain on their beds. There are empty vials and hyperdermic needles on the floor nearby. Their bodies begin to change. Saya, Riku, and Haji hear something and they burst out of their rooms. A yokushuu charge them from the far side of the train aisle. Saya holds out her hand and says, "Haji." He gives her her sword. She closes her eyes, and when she opens them, she is in fighting mode. She attacks the yokushuu, but another one attacks from behind her. Haji blocks it and they each take on a yokushuu. They fight all over the train and David tells them to keep away from the passenger areas. Kai wants a gun from David, but doesn't get one this episode. Haji and Saya are separated in combat and they focus on Haji's fight on top of the train. He gets wounded and the yokushuu rushes him. Haji gets his demon hand ready and is about to take it head on when he hears Saya's voice in his head and he withdraws. A sword appears suddenly through the roof of the train and cuts the yokushuu cleanly in the head. It crystalizes and dies shortly after.

Saya comes out into an open car and Julia, Lewis, and Liza are there. "Is everyone okay?" Saya asks. Liza stares at the tip of Saya's sword. "Saya's... blood," she half whispers. Suddenly, Kai and David runs toward them. "It's coming!" yells Kai, and then a door flies towards them. A yokushuu charges them and Lewis fires heavy duty rounds at it. It seems to fall off, and Lewis thinks he got it, but David says it's not over. Sure enough, it's hanging on and tries to climb back on board. David fires more shots point blank at it, and it falls. They can hear the wheels/rails of the train shreading it to pieces. Lewis thinks it's over, but Riku screams as the upper half of the yokushuu has appeared on his side of the car. Saya rushes forward and slashes it, but it grabs Riku's leg and he begins to fall. Saya slashes off the arm, but she falls off the train. Riku's falling too, but Haji jumps, pulls him into his arms, shielding Riku from harm as they fall. Kai screams and tries to go after them, but David stops him. They are distracted by Julia who shouts Liza's name. Liza has also jumped off the train. David orders Lewis to have them stop the train, and later they're searching for Saya, Riku, Haji, and Liza. We see Saya unconscious in the snow and the show ends.

Comments: There were a lot more action than I thought there would be. And Saya actually used some brains while fighting in this one! Also, it looks like Haji has a soft spot for Riku. It struck me that he could turn into a surrogate father figure for him. Saya's determination is showing through as she's become more accustomed to fighting. I don't like how the members of Red Shield won't tell her anything of her past. Finally, I dislike how they disregard the reality of language difficulties. It's amazing how they can communicate with everyone in Vietnam and now here in Russia. As a teacher of English to Japanese students, I know how hard it is for them to get up to a working conversational level... oh well, maybe Red Shield has some Star Trek Universal Translators stitched on to their clothing or something...


At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From your summary, that Liza person sure is suspicious...with the same blue ring as the old lady...could the nude woman that was thrown off the train be the real Liza? And the old lady has changed her appearance to Liza to pursue Saya?

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Christina said...

Yes, it looks like the old lady stole Liza's appearance to chace Saya. It could be that she was the one who injected those poor young men with the chiropteran blood. This show keeps on getting better and better. Episode 17 looks great.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger WRex said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to episode 17 as well, because it looks like we may get to see more of Saya and Haji's past.

At 12:58 AM, Anonymous Kaya said...

Hello!I like this anime so much!!!!!Nut because it's licensed I can't see it anymore...I want to ask u something-do you watch it on the TV,is there any way to find at least the raw somewhere.I hope u understand what I want-I'm not that much of a Englishgirl:) And I must say u THANK YOU for the short summary-YOU SAVE ME;) So I can at leat know what is going on.GOOD JOB!:)

At 4:06 AM, Blogger WRex said...

I live in Japan, so I can see it on TV... well, actually, I'm usually on my way home from work when Blood+ airs on TV, so I have my Mac record it, which is why I have can make screenshots.

You could probably find raw torrents of it, but I don't know where. You could probably find one if you do a search for it on google.

At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Kaya said...

Thank you...And Japanese YOU RULES;)

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the summary! This episode was really enjoyable, and the next one looks interesting as well.


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