Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kiba 03

Episode 3: Those Who Have Power (Chikara wo Motsu Monotachi)

Zed is sent to train from Dumas and he meets Robes, another powerful shardcaster. Full summary following the pics (click to enlarge):Sebastian thinks Jiico should train Zed, but Jiico believes Zed's potential would be best brought out by letting him find his own path. He sends Zed to Dumas, the shardcaster champion, to see if he can learn from him. Roiya takes him to his farm and they are greeted by Mickey, Dumas' apprentice. Zed attacks Dumas as soon as he sees him. However, Dumas doesn't have to lay a finger on him and Zed tires out with his futile attempts. Mickey gives Zed a hoe to work on the farm; the tells him that a shardcaster needs to build his strength and stamina, but Zed just walks off. Blocking the path, however, is a spirit... and from behind the spirit steps out Robes, a foppish shardcaster who believes he's stronger than Dumas. He's quite popular with the ladies, and Roiya goes fangirl over him. Robes has heard of the boy from another dimension and invites him to his party being held that night. He extends the invitation to his friends. Zed doesn't want to go, but his stomach growls and they use that as the excuse to go to the party.

At the party, Robes tries to talk to Zed again; they are interrupted by some guests (Robes uses this opportunity to talk about how he's stronger than Dumas) and then by the surprise appearance of Dumas himself. Robes challenges him, but Robes' butler says that he's the one who invited Dumas and that they had business to talk about and they go off on their own. Later that evening, Dumas sees a shard battle take place in a dark alley.

That night, Zed sees a man with a tattoo on his face indicating that he was a shard warrior from Jiimotto (Jemot?). He follows him and is standing near a farm. He sees Mickey who asks what he's doing here. Mickey says this place also belonged to Dumas. Dumas comes out of the building and invites them in; he says he can't really hide what he's doing. He reveals that he heals fallen warriors (using a healing shard), even though they are from Jiimotto. The whole farm is full of former Jiimotto warriors. He explains that once defeated, they can't return to their homelands so they have nowhere to go. He sees nothing wrong with what he's doing. Zed comments that they are enemies.

Anyway, it seems they are harmless and Mickey advises Zed to sleep there, as it is late. He dreams of his Spirit and also his mom. He wakes up and meets a female warrior. She says it's best if he doesn't stay here; that he should return to his mother, who's probably worried.

Later that night, however, the same girl attacks Zed from behind; a strong Jiimotto warrior attacks Dumas, and the rest run towards the center of town. She tells him they have no place to go so they need to make their own place. They're planning to storm the castle. She throws a spirit ball at Zed, causing a small explosion, and she heads toward the castle. Meanwhile, Dumas has defeated the warrior but there's a big blast from the direction of the castle. The rest of the Jiimotto warriors are opening the castle gates. However, waiting for them is Robes. Zed is unharmed, as he was able to protect himself using his spirit energy. He heads for the castle as well. At the castle, 5 warriors and their Spirits attack Robes; he takes them on with one, and he's kicking ass. Dumas arrives on the scene with his own Spirit, and together they defeat all the Jiimotto warriors. Zed's seen the action and comments that this is the power of shardcasters.


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